Christmas Tree Farms in Rochester, New York

So where are the best Christmas tree farms in Rochester, New York? There are quite a few tree farms in the Rochester area but it’s up to you to decide which farm suits your needs. Most farms operate as nursery’s all year long and during the months of November and December these tree farms generate a significant amount of business. In fact many tree farms are now touting “live Christmas trees” which mean you select a tree that can later be re-planted or potted. Ensuring the tree has a long and happy life long after the holiday season has ended.

It’s All About Bonding

As a child we always had a real tree but it was pre-cut and sold by the Boy Scouts of America or the Glee Club or whatever organization was fundraising at the time. As I got older, real trees gave way to artificial ones and as I got older still there were holidays where there wasn’t even a tree depending on where Uncle Sam sent me at the time. Now that I have my own family I appreciate much more the bonding and family time that occurs when you cut your own tree.

Go Where the Trees Grow

Christmas tree farms in Rochester, New York offer families a real experience. Generally, Christmas tree farms have you park your vehicle and head out into the nearby tree lanes to pick your tree. It’s not exactly like walking into the forest but it’s still a way cool experience. You, the kids, snow on the ground. You’ll probably be issued a hand saw and given a safety briefing and off you go!

Generally, Christmas tree prices depend on the size and type of the tree, ranging anywhere from $30.00 to $100.00 or more. The farms will shake the tree for needles, cut it shorter if the customer has lower ceilings, and help tie it to the car. A helpful tip: once a tree has been cut the sap inside the tree seals the trunk after as little as an hour. Which means even if you place it in water the tree can’t feed. Assuming that you will spend a few hours at the tree farm, it advisable to cut about a ¼ inch off the bottom of the trunk so the tree can feed.

The following list is not all-inclusive but in the Rochester, New York area, these tree farms are some of the most well known:

Cobble Creek Farm
5161 Ridge Road West
Spencerport, NY, 14559
(585) 352-8484

Wilbert’s Christmas Trees
1272 Salt Rd
Webster, NY, 14580n

Victor Christmas Tree Farm
1619 Murray Rd
Victor, NY, 14564
(585) 924-2079

Urtz’s Evergreens
Corner of Parker and Cole Rd
Marion, NY, 14505

Shetler Tree Farm
423 West Sweden Road
Brockport, NY, 14420

Mountain Ash Tree Farm
1340 Maiden Lane
Rochester, NY, 14612
(585) 225-5768

Holme’s Hollow Nursery and Christmas Tree Farm
2334 Turk Hill Road
Victor, NY, 14564
(585) 223-0959

Darlings Tree Farm
2051 County Road 23
Clifton Springs, NY, 14432
(315) 548-3419
(315) 548-4827

There are probably other tree farms I’m not aware of in the immediate area of Rochester, NY but that’s ok. Just make sure you go where the trees grow and remember, you’re not paying for a tree, you’re paying for an experience to be remembered long after the holidays draw to a close.

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