‘Chronicle’ Movie Review

So far, this has been the best release of 2012. Action packed, suspense, psychological, unpredictable, the list goes on. The movie is based on one main character, Andrew, who grows up with no mother and an abusive father. Because of his family life at home and his status of social life, he develops a social outcast personality and anger management problems.

One day while at a rave, Andrew and his cousin, Matt, along with his cousins best friend, who is the schools football super star, are about in the woods when they stumble upon an unknown discovery. This “thing” changes their lives forever. Over the next days/weeks, they started developing some sort of “super power” that allows them to control things with their mind.

As they play around with their newly discovered power, they slowly get stronger and stronger, almost like a muscle growing. Over time, they start taking on every day task using their power and start using it to their advantage in life.

Eventually, Andrew has another episode of violence with his father and starts loosing self control. He becomes violent and destructive using his powers to his advantage, and this is where the entire plot unfolds.

I wouldn’t want to give away too much so I’ll stop there and let you go see the movie for yourself. It is definitely worth seeing in theaters. I would personally rate this movie 7 out 10.

You can check out the trailer here.

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