Chrysanthemum and Other Natural Remedies to Reduce Flu Symptoms

You’ve done all you can to prevent getting the flu, vaccine, vitamins, health supplements, and CDC recommended contact precautions, but you still feel the first recognizable symptoms of illness coming on. Don’t despair, there are still steps you can take to reduce the symptoms and shorten the number of days you feel sick. Well known recommendations for decreasing flu symptoms include rest, drinking warm liquids, and taking a hot bath with a little menthol added to open the breathing passages. And there are good health supplements on the market specifically made to help reduce cold and flu symptoms, including antioxidants and natural detox formulas.

It is well known that many of the symptoms of flu come from self-destructive chemical reactions initiated by oxidants released by immune cells during their fight against the virus. Such a sudden increase in harmful chemical reactions can temporarily overwhelm the neutralizing capabilities of the body, and during this time some of the oxidants end up targeting our own body tissue instead of the virus, resulting in painful respiratory symptoms.

By taking a supply of antioxidants, it is possibly to bolster the body’s defenses against the oxidants, and thus potentially reduce or all together curtail flu symptoms. While there are many types of antioxidants, not all are effective against any every oxidant so if you are searching the web or your health store for a good natural antioxidant product, look for one that is composed of a large variety of natural antioxidant containing herbal extracts.

Detox formulas also help the fight against flu infection. While the best time to take a body detox preparation is before getting sick and avoid illness all together, anecdotal reports have repeatedly shown that taking detox supplements during the inital stages of an infection can also reduce symptoms.

Detox preparations goes to work immediately to stimulate the liver, bowel and kidneys and assist the body to rid itself of harmful toxins. While our cells and organs have intrinsic toxin fighting capabilities, the load of toxins in the modern world constantly burdens the body’s energy reserves. By eliminating these destructive radicals from the body, a detox formula helps free up our native energy supply and allow it focus on fighting the infection.

Crysanthmum leaves are a popular detox herb, and they also has positive effects against the flu. The leaves have been used for centuries to fight infections and reduce fever in flu sufferers. This “cool” fall flower is credited with the ability to lessen the unpleasant symptoms of fever that come with the winter disease. At the same time, the flower extract helps reduce sore throat, clear up lung infection, assist in removing harmful toxins from the blood, and prevent superinfection.

In this last regard Chrysanthemum leaf extract is one herb you don’t want to be without when the flu strikes. While flu is debilitating, unpleasant and painful in and of itself, the super infection that might come with it can be a 100 times worse, and is the cause of the very worst consequences a flu infection can bring. But health practitioners know that chrysanthemum extract can block super infection. This is one reason why many natural health product companies offer chrysanthemum in combination with other herbs in their anti-flu supplements. When the annual epidemic reaches your area this year, then you and your family should start taking antioxidant and detox capsules every day, to fortify yourself against the virus. If you feel the first symptoms coming on, increase your daily intake to the maximum recommended dose, and get the best help nature has to offer against this potentially dangerous condition.

The Internet if full of reports of people who started taking natural antioxidants and natural antiflu remedies even after the start of their illness, and yet they were able to reduce 10 days of fever, weakness and misery into a day or two of mild cold symptoms. The good news is you can still order natural antioxidant and natural detox supplements online and request expedited order and your anti-flu supply will be sure to reach you before the flu does.

Wishing you a safe and healthy winter.

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