Cold Gel Compress

There are certain things that almost everyone on the planet will face at some point in their lives. Sore muscles and headaches are just a couple of those things. Go to the supermarket or drug store and you’ll find any number of remedies, from heat patches, to warming creams. But sometimes, you need a cold compress rather than a product that offers heat. For a swollen muscle, or even a headache, a cold compress is the perfect way to get relief. So, if cold is what you need, look no further than your kitchen sink – not for the water but for the dish soap. Use it to make a cold gel compress and, anytime you need it, it will be right there waiting for you.

Use a sandwich-size, zipper-lock bag to make the compress. First, you’ll need a piece of fabric. It can be a leftover piece from a sewing project, or even a thin washcloth. Fold the zipper area down, lay the bag on the backside of the cloth, and draw around it. When you cut the fabric, cut it to be about a quarter-inch larger, all the way around, than the drawing.

Make the pouch for the cold compress by first laying the fabric in front of you. Position it so that the bottom of the bag is facing you. Fold the bottom edge to the middle, then fold the top edge to the middle. At the sides, pin, then sew them. Turn the arrangement right-side-out.

Fill the bag with dish soap. If you use a quality dish soap, and don’t want to waste that much of it (it takes a good bit to fill the bag), purchase a large bottle of off-brand dish detergent, from a dollar-theme store. Fill the bag near to the top and zip it closed. As you do, expel the air as much as possible.

Slide the detergent bag into a second bag and zip it. That will help ensure against leaks. Place the bag in the freezer for a couple of hours and it will get nice and cold. When needed put it into the pouch. To do that, slide the bag into the slit on the back, as you would put a pillow into a pillow sham.

The cold gel compress won’t freeze so it’s not difficult to get it into the pouch. Place it on a sore muscle, your forehead, or another achy place on your body. You’ll soon feel relief and, best of all, the gel pouch can be used again and again. Just keep it in the freezer until you need it, and put it back there when you’re done.

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