Colin Farrell and Angelman’s Syndrome

Colin Farrell is a talented actor of Irish descent that has wowed audiences with his work in such notable films as “Phone Booth” and “Alexander”. Colin Farrell has also just recently spoken publicly about his son’s diagnosis of a rare condition called Angelman’s Syndrome.

Farrell was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1976 on May the 31st. Farrell has two sisters and an older brother. One of his sisters Claudine is also his personal assistant. Farrell first worked on television in the UK on one their networks that has shows air here in the U.S., the BBC. He appeared seven times on “BallyKissAngel” as Danny Bryne in the later 90’s.

Farrell has played both serious supporting and lead roles here in America with great success. After Matt Damon turned down the role of Bullseye in “Daredevil” starring Ben Affleck, Farrell was cast and used his own Irish accent for the character. He also starred as a detective chasing Tom Cruise’s character in the 2002 film “Minority Report.” One of Farrell’s lead roles that granted him huge success was “Miami Vice” in 2006 alongside Jamie Foxx. This film was a modern adaptation of a classic police action/drama. One year earlier he would be nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in the “The New World” where he played Captain John Smith one of whom first colonized Jamestown, Virginia in the 1700’s. In the story John Smith falls in love with a Native-American girl known as Pocahontas.

Colin appeared on Letterman recently promoting his new film where he plays a vampire called “Friday Night.” He also took a little time out to acknowledge the website which works to discover a solution to a rare condition known as Angelman’s Syndrome. Farrell has two sons James is 7, and Henry is 2. records Farrell in saying, “James, just a quick shout out if I can, James has a condition called Angelman Syndrome and it only affects one in 30,000 children, they say….So there’s not that much funding because it doesn’t benefit pharmaceutical companies, of course.” Farrell urged listeners to go to and give donations if they wanted. Colin went on to explain how the doctor diagnosed his son. He was asked by doctors in regards to his son’s smiling,”Does he always smile this much?” Farrell then says that his son doesn’t really talk, though is still “a really happy boy.”

According to Angelman’s Syndrome is a genetic neurological disorder that is very rare in nature. The condition makes sufferers appear happy all the time. It has also been known to induce seizures, irregular sleep patterns, and causes a delay in intellectual and developmental growth. The condition was first identified by a Dr. Harry Angelman, a pediatrician from the UK, in 1965. Till this day there in no known cure or even relevant treatment.

Farrell continues to advocate for the disease on behalf of his son and other sufferers of the disease. Farrell is also still making movies, and plans to star in a remake of a movie that Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous,”Total Recall.”

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