Collaborations Rule in Hip-Hop, Pop, and Country Music

Two heads are better than one, especially when it is two heads filled with brilliant music. Collaborations rule these days, as the best artists in each genre check their egos at the door and enlist the help of their peers to create something truly magic — a musical event for all their fans to relish. Music lovers are truly spoiled right now, with the top artists in several genres working together to create sensational sounds and moments in the history of their musical genre.

Combining the forces of hip-hop royalty Jay-Z and Kanye West is something most people would only have dreamed about. While teamwork is found more often in hip-hop music than any other genre — Dr. Dre is a shining example of an artist who prides himself on working with the best in the business all the time — the marriage of these two juggernauts of the music industry represents one of the biggest events in hip-hop music. What is truly amazing is that these two geniuses created not just a single track, but a whole album to relish in their collective brilliance and several tracks to dominate the charts and the radio airwaves.

Pop music is in on the act these days as well, with the massive success of “Moves Like Jagger” from Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera. Christina and Adam Levine have taken their television chemistry and banter from NBC’s “The Voice” to the studio and created a fun, summer pop anthem that has both of their throngs of fans fervently downloading and dancing along to the catchy track. The single is a bigger hit for both artists than either has produced independently in several years, and shows the broad scope and reach of pop music, especially with such iconic performers at the helm.

As if that was not enough, celebrated acts in country music are also busy collaborating. Country music’s favorite hosting duo — Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood — dominate the Nashville scene these days with their duet “Remind Me.” These two powerhouses in the country music scene are unstoppable when put together, and their voices compliment each other in such a way as to bring out the best in the current country music sound. These two may be doing more than just hosting together at the next CMA Awards, as their current top-selling duet will most likely be the toast of the town come country music’s biggest night of the year in Nashville.

There is no doubt that collaborations only bring out the best in many of the industry’s best musicians. Juggling demanding schedules and finding the time and energy to collaborate with a peer in or out of one’s own musical genre can produce something truly original and exciting for fans, keeping them downloading tracks faster than ever. More artists across each and every genre need to open their doors, share their instruments and create more musical magic for us all to enjoy.

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