College Research Paper Topics for Education

Have you been assigned to write a research paper for your education class? Are you needing ideas on what to write about? Here are a few research paper topic ideas to consider.

Benefits of Mentoring Programs in Schools

One idea s to discuss the benefits of mentoring programs in elementary schools. An excellent resource to begin with it the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. They offer a school-based mentoring program, in addition to other programs. Click here to read more about it. The website has the results of a nationwide study of mentoring in schools.

You could also ask on forums to gain insight from teachers who have seen positive outcomes in mentoring programs. Read “Forums for Teachers: Online Teacher Support Groups” for a list.

Dropout Prevention Programs

A second idea is to write about successful (and unsuccessful) dropout prevention programs in schools. Start by visiting the website of the National Dropout Prevention Center here. This link here also provides some helpful links.

Year Round Schooling

Year-Round schools have become more popular in the past twenty-years in America. You can discuss some the benefits and problems of attending school year round. You will find several journal articles and studies on this subject. Start by browsing through these articles here.

Ability Grouping in Schools

A fourth topic is to write about the pros and cons of ability grouping in schools. This has been practiced for well over twenty years and you’ll find several articles on it. One article to start with is “Ability Grouping in Elementary Schools Hampers Minority’ Students Learning.”

Early Intervention Programs for Children with Down’s Syndrome

Another topic to consider for your research paper is early intervention programs. Specifically, you can discuss programs for children with down’s syndrome. Begin by watching this 20/20 episode here about a young couple who both have down’s syndrome. The mother of the bride stated that early intervention programs (speech pathology, etc) helped her become who she is today.

These are just five research paper topic ideas. If you are still searching for the perfect topic for you, visit the library and browse books on education until you find a theme that fascinates you. The key is to write about something you feel strongly about. Happy Writing!

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