Colt McCoy: It’s Time for the Browns QB to Take a Seat

At Christmas time we offer one another tidings of comfort and joy. There is nothing for the laughable Cleveland Browns to take comfort in, and there is no joy among their beleagered fans.

Another disheartening season of bad football filled with mistakes and poor coaching decisions is mercifully coming to an end. The latest low point in a season of mostly low points for this team happened last Thursday night when Browns quarterback Colt McCoy took a vicious helmet to helmet hit from the Steeler’s Mr. Dirty aka James Harrison. In an unbelievable turn of events, the grossly inept Browns coaching staff failed to recognize the obvious severity of the blow to McCoy’s head and inexplicably allowed him to risk further injury by returning to the game.

Browns head coach Pat Shurmer did his very best to try and spin and gloss over his idiotic decision regarding McCoy at his post game and next day press conferences. The simple truth is that Shurmer put a seriously injured young man back in the game and into a position where another hard blow to the head might have resulted in a career ending or even life threatening second injury. For that stupid move Shurmer needs to be fined and suspended. This guy is totally out of his element and is clearly not qualified to be a head coach, and Mike Holmgren has got to be second guessing himself for hiring this guy.

Colt McCoy has nothing to gain by playing any more this season. His offensive line can’t protect him, his receivers can’t get open and drop catchable passes at an alarming rate, and a season’s worth of beatings onfield are about to take their toll on this young man. All the talk about evailuating him as the potential Brown’s quarterback of the future is pointless when McCoy is surrounded by second rate talent and a group of bush league coaches. It’s the Browns coaching staff that really needs evaluating. It’s time for Mike Holmgren to weigh in on the situation, that is if anyone can find him.

The Browns should shut McCoy down for the year and let Seneca Wallace finish the season at quarterback. No one can question McCoy’s toughness, but it would be tragic to see him end up like Tim Couch, both his body and mind bruised and battered, with little confidence in his own abilities and a shortened NFL career courtesy of the awful Cleveland Browns organization.

Rich Kaminsky has been a Browns fan since 1964.

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