Comedy Movies You Might Be Surprised to Learn Were Among the Top Ten Box Office Hits of Their Year

You might be surprised to learn of some comedy films that managed to wind up among the top ten box office hits of their respective years. The surprise may come courtesy of never actually even hearing of some of these movies that managed to, at least temporarily, capture the imagination of a large segment of the American moviegoing public. You may even be shocked to learn that some movies you are absolutely convinced were flops were actually among the top ten most commercially successful movies of the year they were released.

Silent Movie

The attention drawn by the exceptionally mislabeled silent movie “The Artist” reminds one who was around in 1976 that Mel Brooks attempted to bring back this movie tradition long before the Frenchies. “Silent Movie” is not often mentioned in the conversation of Mel Brooks’ greatest films or his biggest hits, but it actually made more money during its first year of release than “Blazing Saddles.” Interestingly, however, the second release of that comedy western also ended up as one of the top ten box office hits of 1976.

The Blues Brothers

“The Blues Brothers” is a strange story. Almost everybody has seen it at one time or another, yet it is considered one of the biggest financial losers of the 1980s. The story of Jake and Elwood Blues actually did wind up cracking the top ten with a box office take around thirty million. The reason for the view of “The Blues Brothers” as a flop? Because it cost more than 30 million dollars to make. You can argue all you want about whether the film is a flop or hit, but you also have to add into the argument whether a top ten list of box office hits even has any meaning.

Move Over Darling

One can almost bet with utter confidence that nine out of ten people reading this article have never even heard of “Move Over Darling” yet it ended up as the fifth biggest box office hit of the year. “Move Over Darling” represents a comedy that was on its way out of its time even when it was released: it would be the last time Doris Day ever cracked the top ten.

The Golden Child

“The Golden Child” is often viewed as one of the flops that Eddie Murphy made back when he was hot stuff and all his movies weren’t box office losers. Few people look back upon this Murphy flick with great affection, but that doesn’t refute the fact that it landed in the top ten by year’s end.

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