Common Office Faux Pas to Avoid During the Holidays

Everyone is in full holiday mode here at The Remi Group. The company is in the midst of celebrating its 2nd Annual 12 Days of Christmas; events include an ugly sweater contest, a dessert bake-off, Christmas bingo, decorated ornament contest, employee trivia game, Christmas hat contest, decorated cubicle contest, and ends with a company luncheon. Events like these provide endless opportunities for employees to embarrass themselves in front of not only their coworkers, but management as well. And let’s not forget the company holiday party – typically held off-site and employees are usually invited to bring a guest – both of which can add different dynamics to any occasion. It is advisable that employees and their guest must be on their best behavior to avoid being the topic of conversation in the break room the following workday morning.

The company sponsored holiday activities are a time to celebrate and have fun. An employee’s professional character should never be at risk during a holiday event. Below are some common office faux pas to avoid during the holidays.

Excessive Drinking

There is a time and a place to let loose and have fun; however, the company holiday party is not one of them. It’s important to set a drink limit at the beginning of the night before poor decisions are made and inhibitions are altered.

Forgetting Protocol

Regardless if employees are playing Christmas bingo or attending a company dinner at an upscale restaurant, it’s still a company sponsored event. This means that employees should continue to behave professionally and refrain from cussing, telling tasteless jokes, or gossiping.

Inviting a Potentially Embarrassing Guest

Employees should choose their guest wisely. Avoid bringing someone who may be potentially embarrassing perhaps by drinking excessively, flirting with other guests, or gossiping about employees. Ultimately, the employee is responsible for their guest’s behavior and will have to face their co-workers the next business day.

Dressing Provocatively and/or Acting Flirtatious

Ladies, the company holiday party is not the time to dress like it’s a night out on the town with girlfriends. Gentlemen, the company holiday party is not the time to try and find a date for New Year’s Eve. A company sponsored event is not the time to flirt with co-workers or use it as an opportunity to meet singles.

Calling in Sick the Next Day

If the company holiday party is held during the week, do not call in sick the following day. If a drink limit was set, protocol was followed, a delightful guest was invited, and no flirting took place, employees should have no reason not to show up for work the day.

Do you have a holiday office faux pas story to share? We would love to hear from you.

Please remember to drink responsibly and be safe this holiday season!

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