Community Board 1 Chair Julie Menin on Hurricane Irene

As New York City and most of the rest of the east coast brace themselves for the projected onslaught on Hurricane Irene, community leaders have come out with their own individual statements for their own neighborhoods. Community Board 1 chair Julie Menin has all the reason in the world to be concerned as Battery Park City; which is a part of CB1; is located in flood zone A.

Flood Zone A has been written about thus:

“We are encouraging any homebound residents of the most flood prone areas (including Battery Park City) to take some steps to move to safer locations, perhaps to the homes of family or friends. Shelters will be open by 4:00 PM Friday afternoon for anyone without other options – we’ll be able to provide an updated list as soon as we’ve finalized locations. The Mayor has ordered that any decision about a mandatory evacuation of Zone A for the general public will be made by 8:00 AM Saturday.”

When I reached out to Menin earlier this morning for comment, she was concerned and welcomed the invitation, saying:

“Community Board 1 is in constant contact with the City’s OEM about the potential effect to Battery Park City. The city is encouraging all homebound residents of BPC to move to safer locations with friends or family if possible. Shelters will be open at 4:00 pm on Friday for any that do not have other options and we will send out information about shelter locations as soon as the city has identified them.”

Mayor Bloomberg on the radio this morning expressed concern for many low-lying regions; among them Battery Park City and other spaces in Lower Manhattan. If and when there is an evacuation, residents should heed these calls for sure.

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