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In this age of computer’s being everywhere, passwords are a big part of being safe and keeping other people out of what we don’t want them to see. Passwords are just about on everything we do on the computer.

What can used as Passwords

Just about every key on the keyboard can be used as part of the password. All small letters and numbers, all capitols, and alot of the little squiggly one’s that are on the same key as the number’s. According to one Microsoft website, these can be used for passwords along with letters and numbers.

~ @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ – = + { [ } ] | : ; ” ‘ > / ? .

How long or short should a Password be

Most websites that you need a password for, has a maximum length of anywhere between 6 to 16 characters. Take advantage of that. A good password should be a combination of everything on the keyboard. You can even double up on a couple characters if you like. Each key, or each letter/number is a character. It’s also a good idea to change it every few months or so. but, write the changes on your paper too, so you’d not forget that you changed it.

How do I remember a long password

Don’t try to remember a long password. Instead write it down and keep it someplace where you can get it in case you forgot it later. This is especially true for websites you don’t go to for a few day’s in-between visits. Have a small pad of paper just for websites and your passwords for that site. The ideal way to keep track of passwords, is to write them down. You should not have the same password for all you websites. Each site should have a different password. Sometimes, when I personally want a longer password, I’ll make it a short sentence, no spaces. Nobody said it has to be just one word.

What if I can’t think of a good password

Look around you, look in books. Looking in the dictionary for one, would be way too easy! Try a foreign language word or short sentence. There are about a hundred different foreign languages that use the same letters that we do in English. Spell words backwards. If you use short sentences, put one of the squiggly characters in between words, and no spaces. Use acronyms and numbers. If you’re a history buff, try CwS61. (civil war started in 61) or…W1B7f7I6*. (we became free in 1776) The thinking up of passwords are endless if you think about it!


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