Confetti Curtains

If you’re someone who does a lot of scrapbook crafts you likely have all sorts of card stock, scrapbook papers, borders, and similar things, left over from previous projects. You probably thought you were never going to use those scraps but, if you’re in need of window treatment – especially for a kitchen or entryway – you can use up most or all of your leftover scrapbook notions. Confetti curtains are so cute and, although they don’t offer any privacy, no one will ever have the exact same curtains as you. The one-of-a-kind confetti curtains look adorable in windows where you just want to let the sun shine in, but you still want to have some sort of window treatment.

Cut small shapes and sizes of scrapbook paper, card stock,tags, wallpaper, contact paper, and similar pieces of paper. Cut the shapes all the same size or cut them in different sizes – all fairly small. Cut them to be all the same shapes or to be different shapes. You can create a theme with the shapes, like assorted colors of hearts, or fish and seashells, by the shapes you cut. Just make sure to cut two of each – a regular shape and a mirror-image shape.

Lay assorted shapes of the chosen papers, horizontally, on a table in front of you. Align them neatly but leave a small space – about an inch – between each shape. Lay a string across the entire row of shapes and tape or glue them in place. Cover each shape with the mirror-image shape, and glue it to the first shape. Do this to each shape on the string. Make as many of these string strands as needed.

Curtain clips are perfect for hanging the new window treatment. The clips are circular and, when you squeeze them, they open to grab the fabric – or, in this case, paper – curtains. Attach one of the clips onto the first shape in one of the rows and slide the ring onto a café rod. Make several rows to be the same length, clip each one to a curtain clip, and slide several to many of the paper rows onto the rod.

There are other things you can combine with the paper shapes to make just the perfect window treatment for your home. Use stickers, rhinestones, painted wooden shapes, or similar things, by gluing two of them together, and trapping the string between them. Hang the curtains anywhere you want a bit of dazzle but where traditional curtains are undesired.
Confetti Curtains

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