Congress Ann(a)ihilated : Anna’s Checkmate Move

Only a few weeks back in India, Anna used to be common name of brotherly figures in south India. Anna by dictionary means ‘gracious: grace’ but that was the definition few weeks back and now Anna in India means Anna Hazare and soon the dictionary will read Anna as putting Indian congress government in a disgraceful position with its own deeds.

Anna, I will not say came from nowhere but rather came from somewhere in Maharashtra in India and is everywhere in India today. The first move of this chess game came weeks back when Anna started his fight against corruption in India and thought that lokpal bill was the only way to fight corruption in India. Neither did the Indian helpless public had any idea as to what was the best way to fight corruption in India so rather than best idea winning, it became the only idea winning and each individual in country started believing that lokpal will help them get rid of corruption and Anna became the messiah for putting forth this strong single idea to fight corruption. Government took notice because Anna was being supported by huge mass of people and also Anna’s side of chess pieces were some massive personalities like Kiran Bedi and moved its paws the first two steps in game committing more than it could hold guard in coming weeks. Soon Indian national Congress realized that the two squares movement of all its pawns would lead to exposing the key pieces of congress including the queen and maybe the king itself.

That was the time when congress thought of bringing its pawns back which goes against the rule of chess as pawns can only move forward unlike all other pieces of chess. With that came the self drafted bill of congress which was not liked by Anna camaraderie and Anna made his strongest move of Fast unto death. Congress did not realize the power of the move and thought that it could be curbed by rooks and the bishops dressed as Delhi police and they could make Anna move back. In all this, the congress queen definitely knew that Anna’s move had the thought over precision of player whereas congress was just making desperate jump offs and queen jumped off the board to sit comfortable in New York, not to return till the chess board turned clean for a new game.

As is the case of all chess games, without the queen the King becomes a slave of opposition moves and that is where the King of congress ended up. Even with the best of bishops, knights and rook on his side our Congress India king fooled himself to the best moves of King Anna. With King Anna doing his fast unto death from jail, there was no rescue for team congress but to agree to settle the stalemate by allowing Anna his moves hoping the moves will not end up in Check mate and they could draw this game.

Throughout this game of chess, i failed to talk about which team has which color in game with white always being associated as clean and black as unclean. I still fail to talk about the color of teams as to start with I thought team Anna was whitest of the white and Team congress played the black. The white team just kept on getting stronger with each person in India joining it but did each person in India deserved the white side of the game. There would never have been a black side of the game if each white wearing commander was really white in actions. As each conservation laws talks aloud of conservation of mass, I feel of conservation of corruption… corruption cannot be created it can just be passed from one to other and that is where the white fighting crusade of Anna lacks the will against black dressed congress or rather any government of India. A lokpal bill as defined by whites might come as checkmate situation for congress but will it truly be a checkmate against corruption needs to be thought and seen…

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