Congress Today

What is going on with Congress today? Congress is a group of men and women who are supposed to be looking out for the greater good of our wonderful country.
The great health bill that was whipped through Congress was just a mere matter of signing for all congressmen. How nice that they can determine the fate of the American public, and they have their own cushy and low cost health care. The Congress decides it is time for a raise. They have a vote. Now, would you turn down a raise? The congress people serve one term and they are set for life. They decide to take a few weeks off–why not, even if the country is in complete chaos.
The issues with congress are not partisan, whether Democrat or Republican, there seems to be little positive action. They never seem to agree on anything, and the country gets deeper in debt and the joblessness increases. Do you believe the statistics that the unemployment is going down?

The world around the senators and representatives seems peaceful and easy. The latest with inside trading is an amazing thing. The rest of Washington is not allowed to get future information for the benefit of investing, why is Congress allowed to take advantage of inside information?

The question is where is our country going? Does anyone care, or better yet is anyone doing something about restoring the old values of our Country?

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