Convenience Foods- the Real Cost

Some meals are cheap. And I mean that in all contexts of the word ‘cheap’. They have very low quality and cost very few dollars. The real cost of most convenience meals is paid for not by the purse but by the body of the consumer.

If one lives off of processed box foods, prepackaged long-shelf-life foods, your basic convenience foods and the like, a higher price will be paid sooner or later. Usually that price occurs in the form of hospital or medical bills.

It is FAR more crucial to look at the quality of food for the price than to look at name brand clothing or appliances, yet food is so often overlooked for the sake of convenience. REAL food should be much more essential in the home, not the modified form of corn or dyes or additivies or synthetic vitamins. The body cannot recognize these items as digestible. There is even a great deal of study to confirm that they actually modify our DNA structure (and/or that of future generation’s DNA, aka: our unborn half of a future child). Are either of those a ‘price’ we should be willing to pay to make a meal cheap and more convenient?

The fact is – the real cost of convenience foods is cloaked. You know that old phrase, ‘Time is Money’? Well that does NOT apply when it comes to convenience foods. Just as an example, I can make up to six varieties of whole grain muffins in under five minutes! These muffin ‘mixes’ are kept in the freezer and are made in the same amount of time it would take to grab a box of mix off the shelf. I can pronounce every ingredient in them, and they cost me half of a store bought mix. And these mixes won’t cost the health of my family since they will have freshly milled whole grain flour instead of the bleached and preservative laden white enriched (aka: synthesized vitamins added) ‘dead’ flour which is like glue to the colon. They taste superior, are still convenient and cost less. Kind of skeptical? Just watch this video –

Take the time to aquire the skills for using real food. You won’t regret it – I certainly haven’t and neither has my family. The savings for both health and your purse, from instantaneous benefits to long-term, far outweigh cheap convenience food.

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