How to Choose the Right Childcare for Your Family

Are you looking for care for your children? If so, this can be a very stressful task. There are so many choices out there for your family. The three main options for you to choose from are childcare centers, in-home daycare and nannies. I will discuss the pros and cons of these three


The first choice is a childcare center. This is care that is in an actual building. They take children ranging from the ages of infant to school age. They normally have basic business hours between five am and six pm. They are typically only open weekdays. They employ many teachers who normally have a background in childcare. The cost to take your children there is a little more than an in-home daycare but less than a nanny. There are many great things about taking your children to a center. The first, being that they have to be licensed by the state. This means that they must follow all safety, health and learning regulations. They are inspected regularly by the state to ensure that they are meeting these requirements. Each worker must have a background check and training to work there. This is something that is reassuring for parents. They know that their children are in good hands. Another plus is that most centers are starting to come out with cameras. These allow you to view your child from your computer at any point throughout the day. They have set schedules and this could be great for children. They have a more structure day with learning activities and fun things to do. Socially children thrive in this environment because they are able to interact with other children their age. Children are all kept with other children their age, in separate rooms from other children. This is something that parents either love or hate. If you are looking for a more open schedule or care on the weekends, then this most likely will not be the option for you. The hours at most centers are set. You must pay additional money for being late. Children don’t get that one on one time with the teacher because there so many children in their class. Children are often hurt more in centers, because of the lack of supervision. They also get sick more frequently.

The second choice is an in home daycare. This is care that is provided at the home of the provider. They typically watch children from infant to school age. Their hours are more flexible than centers. Let’s start out with the cons of choosing an in-home daycare. Most centers are licensed by the state but there are some that get around this. This means that they have no background check and they aren’t inspected by the state. Children are all kept in the same room and normally there isn’t much of a set schedule. When a provider is sick or when they go on vacation, they will close. This leaves you with having to find alternative care. There are some great things about in homes as well. The first being that their hours are more flexible, some even offer weekend care. They are more family friendly. Most caregivers work with the families and are very helpful. The children also get more one on one time. They are with fewer children and although they are grouped with older children, they can learn from them. The cost of in home daycares is the cheapest of the three.

The third choice is a nanny. This is someone who comes to your house and watches your children. It is a good idea to have a nanny if you don’t feel comfortable with sending them to daycare or if you want one on one care. Hiring a nanny is the most expensive option. There are many benefits to having a nanny. They are available whatever hours and days that you need them. You can run background checks on them, meet with them and really get to know them before they watch your children. Your children will get that one on one care that they need. They are able to stay at their own home and use their stuff. They can go do activities outside or go on outings much more frequently then they could at centers or in homes. The cons of hiring a nanny are cost. They are typically expensive and most require benefits. You must be comfortable with having someone in your house. You must be able to trust this person.

Now that you know the three options you have, you can pick what works best for your family. I wish you good luck in your search!

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  1. I appreciate you for helping me choose the right childcare centre. Since my nephew is turning four next month, my sister asked me to find a childcare provider here in town. I like what you said that children well kept with other children their age and taught by teachers who have a background in this field.

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