Kids Skate Parade Sets Example for Other Communities

On Saturday, August 20th, skateboarders in the Selkirk and Tri-S area came together for the inaugural Kids Skate Parade hosted by Two Zero Four, the local skate shop. The event was held at the Rotary Club Skateboard Park at Selkirk Park and began at 12p.m. with a skateboarding demonstration. Other communities can learn a lot from this event and its success.

“It will be a fun day and we want to make it a day for the kids,” said Chris Mellen, owner of Two Zero Four, located on Main Street in Selkirk. “We want to get everyone together of all skill levels and of all ages – beginners are welcome.”

Events like these are the perfect way to bring a community together, increase awareness about skateboarding and its benefits and teach safety to skaters as well as others in the community.

Kids of all ages were given the opportunity to practice their moves as well as to take basic lessons, ask the Two Zero Four skateboard team questions and more. It’s a great way to get kids more involved and to do something positive for them in the community. There was even a skate parade at 4p.m which ended at Boston Pizza with pizza and drinks afterwards.

More communities should look at doing similar events. Not every city or town has a local skate park or a local skate shop but parents of kids who love to skate can get together and make events like these happen even if there are no other community sponsors.

For example, you could meet at a local park or someone’s house and share safety tips, allow the kids to meet one another or even teach classes if you know a bit about skateboarding yourself. You can show skateboarding videos and create games and other activities. You can also write to nearby skateboarding organizations for tips, ideas or volunteers that might come out to your community to help you with your event.

When parents get involved, skateboarding can be a safe, fun, healthy activity for kids. You can form skateboarding groups in your neighborhood that will create traditions that remain as your children grow older.

About 204 Skate Shop:

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Lisa has been skateboarding since she was a young girl and now skates with her husband and four children. She believes that you are never too young- or too old- to love skateboarding.

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