Kids Speak: What Do Kids Enjoy About Playing on a Playground?

We asked kids at a local school what they liked best about playing on an outdoor play set or swing set. We got lots of great answers! Here are some of the funny comments that kids made, while outside playing.

“Tell Us What You LOVE MOST about playing on a play set?”

1) Little 6 year old Brooke J. said “I like to swing. It feels like I’m flying, and I get that feeling in my stomach that feels like dancing butterflies.” Brooke smiled and pointed to her belly button when we asked her where the butterflies were. “See this spot? That’s where they are!” she told us. 2) Hunter, age 7, exclaimed “I really like the clatter bridge. I like to pretend that there’s a monster under it, and I have to run across it before he gets me.” What a great imagination! 3) Angel, age 4, proudly told us “I like going to the tower, up top. I can feel like a princess up there…and that’s also where you can get away from the boys.” Angel is a smart girl! 4) Dustin told us his favorite part of the playset was the climbing wall. “I like climbing and using my legs to get to the top really fast. I’m the best at it. No one can catch me!” Keep it up, Dustin! 5) Phillip, age 7, told us that he likes the tire swing the most. “I can spin around and swing on the tire swing, and sit on it in crazy ways! It zigzags up and down and in circles! I love it the best.” Philip made sure we watched him while he showed us his zigzag moves. 6) Carly told us her favorite part of the Playnation playset was the slide. “I always liked the slide since I was little.” Said the experienced voice of the 5 year old Carly. “You can zoom really fast in long pants! Even my hair flies!” I like your spunk, Carly. 7) “It’s fun to play here! I like to run around and get moving. I like running and climbing!” Said Alex, age 9. After that, Alex took off in a running sprint headed back for the playset. He was way too busy to chat! 8) Jayden, age 8, said that he thought the monkey bars were the best. “The monkey bars are my favorite since I can go all the way to the end, and back again. I am really fast at that!” Jayden is an active 8 year old who loves to play outside every day. 9) Maria, age 5, said the best part was the ships wheel. “I want to be a sail boat captain, like my grandpa, when I grow up. I love the ships wheel, since I get to pretend I can be a captain of my own ship!” Maria is so smart, that she already knows what she wants to be when she grows up! 10) When we asked little 3 year old Terrell, what he liked best about playing on the playset, he didn’t say much. He just flashed his big grin, and started playing again. He never left the sandbox the whole time we were there. So, I think we got our answer!

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