Kim Kardashian Divorce: Signs Kim Saw with Kris Humphries that She Needed Out of Marriage!

Why was Kim Kardashian so willing to divorce Kris Humphries? Sources close to the couple spoke to TMZ about what alarmed the 31-year-old that her marriage to Humphries wasn’t going to work out long-term. Kardashian supposedly didn’t like the idea of the NBA free agent going about “branding” his name for cologne, nightclub appearances, and other opportunities.

Signs Kris Humphries May Have Been Using the Kardashian Name to Get Ahead

Kim Kardashian isn’t interested in sharing room at the top if that’s the case, because the report claims she was “put off” by the fact Kris allegedly hired a publicist to work on his image. Was she feeling used and as though Humphries married her for his own financial gain?

This report contradicts one earlier suggesting Kris Humphries wanted a less public life in Minnesota with his new bride. Sources came forward and said Kim didn’t want to move with Humphries away from LA because she wanted to be near her family and had no interest in living life away from the cameras.

In other comments Kim Kardashian has made, it makes no sense that she would say she would relocate anywhere for her husband, including Oklahoma City, but she doesn’t want to leave LA.

Kim and Kris Getting a Divorce, but Have a Lot in Common

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries may be getting a divorce, but they seem to have a lot more in common than anyone thought. It’s no secret that Kim is addicted to fame, but was Kris secretly enjoying the glaring spotlight with his reality star wife? NBA players don’t receive that much attention unless a huge scandal is involved.

Sources: TMZ

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