Kim Kardashian on How She Fell Out of Love with Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian let the waterworks fly last night on the season finale of “Kourtney and Kim Take New York.” The E! network commercials had been billing the show all week as “how the fairytale ends.” At the beginning of the episode, Kim and hubbie Kris Humphries give it the old college try and attempt to salvage their relationship. As we know that their married life together lasted only 72 days until Kimmie called it quits, maybe this was day 45 or so. Who knows?

At any rate, Mr. and Mrs. Humphries head out to what will now be known as “the most marital awkward dinner ever.” Of course, we’ve got to put a disclaimer out there on Kris’ behalf. We know that everything we’re seeing was edited by Kim and the Kompany Kardashian. It’s like watching propaganda in a dictatorship. Nonetheless, the formerly lovey-dovey dynamic duo had absolutely nothing to say to each other. Yikes! We guess that when you’re not planning a wedding or world domination, the conversational pickings get really slim.

Sure we’ve seen Kim tell her mom that she wasn’t that thrilled about her marriage anymore. We’ve also seen her crying to Khloe Kardashian Odom about the stresses of her relationship. As the show has been caught fudging the truth a bit, we only believe scenes that actually featured Kris H. He’s the only person we know of no longer of the Kardashian re-shootable payroll.

Things go from bad to worse when Kris suggests sending his boxes to California so that he could move in with his new wife. Um, that sounds pretty reasonable to us. Husband wants to move in with wife. Okay, so far so good, right? Not according to Kimmie. She pretty much had a near meltdown at the prospect of her husband moving in with her and suggested he send his stuff to Minnesota and bring a bag. Yikes again.

Great gobs of madness, people! Didn’t it occur to you before getting married to discuss small things like living arrangements and cohabitation? Kourtney intervenes on Kim and Kris’ honey-can-I-bring-my-boxes fight and calls Kim a “bitch.”

Let the meltdown begin.

Here’s where it gets sketchy because of course we don’t know what to believe but Kim ends up in a dressing room bawling. Shortly thereafter she’s joined by Kourt and her baby daddy Scott Dissick. The Hump is seen in the hallway with baby Mason. Apparently, they’re the only ones who can’t find a way into the dressing room.

When Kimmie reveals that she feels bad for Kris, we can’t help but agree with her. It’s a big hairy mess. The show ends with Kim not telling Humphries that their marriage is a wrap because she wants to discuss this with him privately. Why get private now?! Just when you’ve led us to this cliffhanger. Oh well we know how the story ends.

Kardashian heads get ready, “Khloe and Lamar” are up next.

What did you think of the finale episode of “KKTNY”? Are you Team Kim or Team Kris?

Sound off!

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