“Kind of Blue” – Book Review

Kind of Blue

Miles Corwin

Oceanview Publishing

Longboat Key, Florida


978-1-60809-007-5, 2010, $25.95

Author Miles Corwin releases another smash hit with his latest novel, “Kind of Blue”. A gritty cop thriller with heat and heart, “Kind of Blue” captures the very essence of what ‘suspense’ is meant to be. “Kind of Blue” is kind of a page turner!

“Kind of Blue” introduces LAPD Detective Asher Levine, a brooding loner with an unparalleled drive and uncanny instincts. Although a recent suspension and resignation left his ego bruised and his reputation tarnished, Levine is determined to solve his current case – as well as a previously unsolved one – regardless of what anyone else thinks. But as the ghosts from his past continue to haunt and distract him, he’s got to work harder than ever to maintain his focus. Even as the case seemingly comes to a close, Ash knows there is more going on that meets the eye. And getting to the bottom of everything in one piece just might be much harder than it sounds…

“Kind of Blue” will appeal to mature fans of suspense, thriller, and crime novels; the characters are well-described and developed while the plot gives just enough to keep the suspense evenly high from start to finish. The ample Jewish references and peppered dialogue throughout really gives you a sense of who Ash is as a character and how much of this heritage influences his smoldering personality. I found the local ‘cop’ vernacular, though, to be on the thick side at the beginning of the book. It does taper off after a bit. While a little distracting at first, it furthered that overall ‘gritty’ feel. The vivid descriptions of Los Angeles, its culture and people, were both sobering and graphic – the perfect backdrop for this plot. All and all, an exciting novel and I simply could not put it down.

Author Miles Corwin delivers a rush of adrenaline in his new release, “Kind of Blue”. Edgy and gripping, the book’s plot lets loose with unrestrained action and a level of suspense that will not let you go until you’ve finished the very last page. You’ll be left craving more ‘blue’ and more Ash!

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