Lady Antebellum Make a Move to “Own the Night”

Lady Antebellum is a country band that crosses genres and has pop music success as well. I personally think their band name sounds cooler than their music, however, I cannot say I am a hater either. I am not a fan of either the male or the female singer’s voices, but they pair off well anyway and make music that is digestible and sometimes even sweet. I listened to the album “Own The Night” and my song by song thoughts are below.

“We Owned The Night”: This song started out decent enough with a man singing about a girl he dreams about and how the own the night together. The female provides the backing vocals which is a little odd as she too sings about the girl; so, it’s a man woman lesbian thing or something? The song goes into an early breakdown though and kind of just runs out of lyrics going the shallow sounds good at first, but goes nowhere route.

“Just A Kiss”: Strong country duet, not into the realms of a Faith Hill and Tim McGraw duet, but strong enough to deserve its own share of kudos. Sweet.

“Dancin’ Away With My Heart”: Another stab at a sweet duet and the lyrics have enough in them to save the song. However, the singers, male and female, are not at the top of the ladder for me. Well, maybe they are on top of the ladder, but not much holding it steady, all wobbly. Good enough though.

“Friday Night”: This one lived and dies on the singer’ not having ‘the voices” to impress me. More honky-tonk to the duet and I’d rather pour it out, not drink it in.

“When You Were Mine”: A dull country pop song that could be better or worse tweaked for Taylor Swift.

“Cold As Stone”: A woman leaves a guy and he tells the story of already missing her and she tells it from her viewpoint crying as she drives. Both wish they did not have hearts that hurt. Good concept, okay song.

“Singing Me Home”: A dude singing about admiring the woman he loves. Another instance where having a female as the backing vocal, well, doesn’t make much sense as she repeats the lyrics about watching this woman. Meh. This is a bubble song that I’d rather pop.

“Wanted You More”: Well made, but plastic. The drawn out vocals on the chorus are a little catchy.

“As You Turn Away”: She leads it well, but I am not a fan of the guy’s voice when he cracks in. Together they get too into some of the rises when it needs to stay low, slow, and depressive.

“Love I’ve Found In You”: Play it for someone you care about if you’re both into country music, it is a fairly sweet love along song.

“Somewhere Love Remains”: Not a fan of the melody or rhyme scheme. This is a duet where two people are taking a pause to help each other see the love that remains. It would be hilarious to see some trailer park domestic abuse couple of the week stopping and singing this together in the middle of some hub-bub.

“Heart Of The World”: The relationship and family lyrics are good and I enjoy the pace of the song. However, the chorus ala the title of the song is too sappy in a silly way. Yeah, singing “Love is the heart of the world” is a little too cute for its own good.

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