Las Vegas Local Best Brewery

I’ve lived in Las Vegas for the past 14 years and before that we bounced from South Lake Tahoe to Las Vegas many times. I’ve had the opportunity to watch Ellis Island Casino & Brewery grow and transform.

One of the greatest achievements is their Brewery, run by brew master Joe Pickett. Ellis Island Casino & Brewery is the #1 Brewery in the Mountain West Region and # 9 in the USA by the National Brewers Association. They have been brewing their best beer for 12 years and going strong. They have a wide variety of beer: Light, Dark, Amber, Hefe Weiss and IPA and with Oktoberfest just around the corner get ready for a real good time. My favorite is their home made root beer; it’s like no other once you’ve tasted it there is no going back. Regular root beer just won’t cut it anymore.

Where else can you sit at a bar and drink beer that has been brewed only a few feet away from you?

Best of all Ellis Island Beer is only $1.00 on Sunday’s and Monday’s during football games all season long and with local specials, casino worker specials and more. It’s no wonder why locals love Ellis Island Casino & Brewery!

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