Last Minute Ideas for the Super Bowl Party!

I received a last minute call from my husband yesterday and he informed me, “By the way, we are having the Super Bowl Party at our house this year.” This came as quite a shock to me as I also have two birthday parties to plan this month. “When is it,” I asked. “Next Sunday,” was his reply. Now I love a party and I love to throw a party but let’s face it, three days was not much time to plan. I put on my game face and started wildly pulling out cookbooks.

My mind started racing through all the various food items I could serve. Soups, appetizers, and some sort of a main dish. I like finger foods but think they have their place in the eating order. You have to bring at least one thing substantial to the table. I pulled out my trusty Paula Deen magazines and saw a recipe for “Rodeo Chili “, “Okay, soup’s the main dish,” I thought to myself. The next step was to look for some appetizers, something pretty meaty to go along with a soup. “Wings,” I said aloud as I opened the pantry and saw a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce . You can’t go wrong making the recipe on the back of the bottle.

I also started counted the finger foods I could serve. “This little piggy is going to make seven layer dip , this little piggy is going to make corn muffins , this little piggy is going to make artichoke dip , this little piggy is going to make homemade brownies and the lucky little piggy at home is going to have margaritas . Of course, what’s a Super Bowl party without some beer for the boys, so couldn’t forget to add that to my list A quick trip to the grocery should finish the food details, now onto the decorations.

Since I have the other two parties this month, I am on a tight budget. I chose the dollar store for some inexpensive decorative platters and disposable tablecloths. A quick look in the closest revealed we had four footballs, enough to place in a basket by the door, especially if I placed them on top of other various kid’s balls. Not only would they work as decoration, the guys and kids will be sure to throw them around a bit. A quick glance in everyone’s closet to make sure our favorite team jerseys were clean and we are well on our way to witnessing another game of footballs finest. Let the rumble begin!

Note: The link to Paula Deen’s Chili is a recipe for her son Jamie’s Chili; her “Rodeo Chili” is a recipe from her “Cooking with Paula Deen” magazine published in September/October 2011 edition.

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