Last Tree Standing in the Forest

“I have been standing in this same spot for many centuries. I survived all the squirrels, rodents, deers, hogs, bears, and people just to sprout and grow. I went from being a nut to sprouting a root. You think you have it hard, once my weight is on it stays for a lifetime. I never stop growing unless under certain circumstances. I grow upward toward the sky and downward into the earth as my trunk expands outward to accommodate my weight plus anything else that wants to perch upon me or climb on me. I even had to change my name. I enjoyed my time as an acorn yet my time as an oak tree has brought me such joy and sadness. As I grew each year I have realized that my family of oak trees started to dwindle. Not all of us trees survive to be my age. I have survived harsh winds, thunderous pour downs, scorching rays of the sun not to mention the animals that always nibble on me. For the past year my oak family have been the latest place for this wood cutting service. I have watched and mourned for so many of my family that these humans just violently chop at and saw through. They celebrate with each one that of us they drop. I must admit over this year we have taken out or harmed our fair share of humans as we fall. I feel no remorse for them though, if they wouldn’t keep killing us then we wouldn’t be placed in the position to even think about harming them. Over the past couple days I have wondered if I will be next. Over the past hour I stand strong to not show fear in the face of my soon to be path. Here they come now with their tools of malice. And though I have done no harm to them, they want to do harm to me. What’s this, they are turning around? Soon not only did they leave they took all their tools with them. As I watch them, I scan around to see who survived. Sadly, only me.”

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