Laundry Plan Ideas for Kids, How to Get Them Involved

Not all families have the luxury of having a washer and dryer in their home. Some have to go to the Laundromat to get their laundry done. If you don’t have a system in place to accomplish this task when you have children it can be even more difficult. You can get children started when they are very young even at the age of four. Getting them involved in the laundry routine will help things run smoother. Below are a few ides to set up your children with their own laundry plan.

Two baskets per child

Each child should start with at least two laundry baskets a piece. This way they can have one basket of whites, and one basket of colors. Showing them how to separate their laundry as they get dirty will certainly help them learn to organize their items. Plus once laundry day rolls around they will find it a lot easier to get it all done in a timely fashion. Make sure that the baskets can easily be carried so that when it is time to head to the Laundromat you can do so with ease. Some laundry bags also have lids that you can attach.

Pick one day for laundry

Instead of picking multiple days to do laundry, it is best instead to pick just one day that you can get all of the laundry complete. This way everyone can load up their laundry and take it at the same time. This may mean that you have to head out on the weekend. However if you get an early start it will make things run a lot smoother.

Individual change bags

Since you are visiting the regular Laundromat, it will save you time and energy to ensure that each child has their own change bag. Most laundromats have machines that will enable you to turn your money into quarters to use for the machine. You can have each child calculate how much money they need based on the size of their load. Then if they are old enough you can give them the money to put in their change bags themselves. After they have loaded all of their clothes you will not have to worry about multiple children coming to you for change.

Fold at the laundromat

Most Laundromats’ have tables that you can use for folding your laundry. I have found it best to put your children around one table, and have them take the clothes directly from the dryer and fold it. Then place it back into their individual laundry bags. This helps the entire laundry process to run a lot smoother. Then when they arrive home all they will have to do is place their laundry back into their own drawers.

Save leftover change

If any of the kids have any change left over you can allow them to keep the change. This can be added to their weekly allowance. This is a nice way to reward them for their hard work, and no additional money will come out of your pocket. It is also incentive for them to get their laundry done in an organized way.

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