“Learn Counting” Dry-Erase Board

It’s time for school and you’ve got to do what you can to help your child do well. You’ll have to help with homework, take your child back and forth to school, keep the uniforms or school clothes laundered. It’s a lot to take care of but your reward is seeing your child do well in school. A young child can often struggle with numbers, when he or she is first learning, but there is a really quick craft project you can do to help with learning numbers. Get a couple of floor tiles and you can make your child a helpful board so learning numbers becomes really easy.

Peel-n-stick floor tiles work great to make a learning board for your child. The floor tiles are available at home improvement stores. Look for a type of floor tile which is light in color and plain. You’ll need two tiles to make the learning board.

Peel the backings off of both tiles and put them together so that both of their sticky sides are together. That’s it for making the actual board. Use a permanent marker to turn the board into a learning board. Lay a ruler across the top of one tile and mark it so that you have 10 equal sections. Draw vertical lines, from top to bottom, to make ten equal rows. Then, lay the ruler down the side of the tile, mark the ten equal sections, and draw horizontal lines to complete the grid.

Use stickers or a permanent marker to write a number in each square of the grid. You can easily find sticker numbers which are an inch tall at any craft store. Number the first row 1 through 10, the second row 11 through 20, and so on, until you have numbers 1 through 100 written on the board.

On the opposite side of the board, use a permanent marker to make the exact same grid which you made on the first tile. Provide your child with a dry-erase marker and eraser. Your child can practice writing numbers on the side which has only a grid. He or she can check the numbers by simply turning the tile over to see the grid which features all the numbers in place.

Making the number board for your child is very easy to do. Your child can practice writing the numbers until he or she has learned them all. The number board is a helpful tool when teaching a child how to count to 100.

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