Learning to Trust God

Most of my life I have had a long distance relationship with God. I used to wake up each day, figure out what was going on and determine whether I had to ask God for anything. If I decided I didn’t need anything, I would simply go about my day, without giving Him a second thought. But if I had a particular problem that day or a project I didn’t want to do or had to deal with someone I didn’t like, I would get on bended knee and beg God for help. Looking back at this, I am appalled at how pathetic that was. I’m even embarrassed to admit it.

Fortunately for me, God’s love never wavered. Over time I started reading the Bible and he taught me how I needed Him every day, not just when I had a problem. We cannot live a blessed Christian life without God’s protection and guidance. Now I never fail to thank Him for His grace, blessings and protection each night before I go to sleep. When I wake up each morning, I thank Him for my life, praise Him and ask Him to show me who he wants me to bless that day. I talk to Him about my problems and concerns, but then I surrender them to Him. It doesn’t stop me from worrying completely but when I begin to get nervous or upset I am reminded, by His Holy Spirit, that He has it all under control.

Philippians 4:5-6 tell us the Lord is always near us and we shouldn’t be anxious about anything. We need to pray diligently always remembering that God is in control. His peace will help us through the rough times.

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