Lexington Mayor Ignores Kavanaugh’s Request to Settle Corruption Case Confidentially

Pleas Lucian Kavanaugh has been dealing with false arrests, violations of his rights, defamation of character and harassment from certain Lexington Police officers for a decade now. Most recently I chronicled the cases of the attempted bus stop kidnapping and the alleged assault on one of these officer’s daughter. Both cases were dismissed or dropped due to illegal tactics by the officers influencing witnesses during the photo lineup.

These officers have a history with Kavanaugh after he won cases in the past against them. Detective Elizabeth Adams and Detective William Persley have since been demoted to officer position after behavior in this and other cases showed lack of integrity.

Kavanaugh contacted attorney Johnathan Weatherby after his most recent encounters with these two officers which resulted in dismissals. Kavanaugh and Weatherby detail the information and ask to confidentially settle this case in a letter to Mayor Jim Gray dated October 26, 2011.

Here is that letter:

October 26, 2011

Address withheld for privacy
Lexington, Kentucky 40503

Honorable Jim Gray, Mayor
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government
200 East Main Street
Lexington, Kentucky 40507

Re: Pleas Lucian Kavanaugh

Dear Mayor Gray:

I have been authorized by Pleas Lucian Kavanaugh to negotiate a confidential resolution to his potential claims against Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government. Mr. Kavanaugh is an African-American male who has been harassed by the Lexington Police Department for years. Specifically, and most recently, Mr. Kavanaugh has been subjected to a systematic and coordinated effort by the Lexington Police Department to wrongly convict him of crimes that would have caused him to serve up to twenty-five years in prison. This conspiracy, conducted primarily by former Detective Elizabeth Adams, among others, includes documented instances of perjury, witness tampering and evidence tampering. All of which were committed with the obvious goal of framing Mr. Kavanaugh and sending him to prison.

Former Detective Adams and her like-minded colleagues, through the use of the above-referenced illegal tactics, caused two different charges to be brought against Mr. Kavanaugh in 2010. One of these charges has been voluntarily dismissed and the other resulted in an acquittal after Judge Scorsone ruled that the witness identification could not be used at trial because the manner in which it was obtained was unduly suggestive. Prior to the voluntary dismissal in the other case, Special Prosecutor Robert Gullette approached Mr. Kavanaugh’s counsel and offered to dismiss the case in exchange for a stipulation that probable cause existed for Mr. Kavanaugh’s arrest. This offer could only have been made because Gullette became aware of the extreme and illegal police misconduct used to illegally arrest Mr. Kavanaugh.

Mr. Kavanaugh has obtained recordings of witness interviews, grand jury testimony and trial testimony that support the allegations made herein. This voluminous evidence documents perjury on the part of former Detective Adams in grand jury proceedings as well as in a preliminary hearing before Judge Scorsone. Additionally, Mr. Kavanaugh has made contact with at least two police officers who will testify under subpoena regarding the gross misconduct of former Detective Adams among others.

Mr. Kavanaugh knows that you have sought to address some of the issues within the Lexington Police Department and he is aware that I have a friendly professional relationship with you. He therefore has requested that I approach you in order to resolve this issue confidentially and without the necessity of filing suit. Mr. Kavanaugh spent two months in jail for offenses that he did not commit and for charges that were brought against him in bad faith and as a result of the illegal tactics employed former Detective Adams and her like-minded colleagues. Mr. Kavanaugh was forced to surrender to the police while news cameras were rolling. Local news reporters told the public that Mr. Kavanaugh had been twice convicted of sexual assault based upon information provided to them by former Detective Adams who was without question aware of the falsity of this information when she provided it.

Upon information and belief, former Detective Adams is no longer a detective because of other similar misconduct that came to light causing her demotion as well as that of her partner, former Detective William Persely. It would be an understatement to say that the employment files of these two former detectives will not be helpful to you in this matter should it result in litigation. Mr. Kavanaugh and others have been denied copies of these employment files after numerous requests. Litigation in this matter will make these files public record.

Mr. Kavanaugh is prepared to file a federal civil action pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1983 to recover actual and punitive damages. I think you will find that similar cases have produced jury verdicts in excess of Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00). The evidence to support these claims is clear and devastating. It is also quite clear that additional supporting evidence would be revealed after sufficient discovery.

Mr. Kavanaugh would like to put his issues with the Lexington Police Department behind him and also seeks to leave this area largely because of the lies that were spread about him in the news media as a result of the misinformation provided to them described above. The damage to his reputation and his psyche cannot be overstated. Mr. Kavanaugh would agree to a full and confidential Release, Confidentiality Agreement and Covenant Not to Sue in exchange for the sum of $250,000.00. If you would like to speak to Mr. Kavanaugh or to review the evidence that he has collected, please call me and I will facilitate a meeting. Mr. Kavanaugh has also been approached by members of the news media who seek to publicize his story. He plans to take no action for two (2) weeks in order to give you an opportunity to respond to this correspondence.

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding this matter at xxxxxxxxxxx. I look forward to hearing from you.


Jonathan Weatherby, Esq.

The history of Mr. Kavanaugh’s cases is detailed in the articles in the suggested links below.

If the demotion and subsequent denial of the employment files of these officers is any indication of the case the city plans to fight, our tax dollars would be better served with this settlement offer.

Kavanaugh and his attorney will now officially file a complaint and Rico case detailing the harassment he has endured. I will continue to update this case as new information comes out.

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