Life in Lyrics

“I’ll jump for you”

Life really is hard sometimes, isn’t it? We feel the pressure of the outside world breathing down our necks trying to turn us into something we aren’t. Everyone has cracked under the pressure to conform in some fashion whether it was a small change or a big change. What happens though when we don’t conform? We get bullied and harassed. People stare and point or pull us to the side to tell us to change. Of course they will forget those they judge but the judged never forget those who stare upon them with cold eyes or use words that tear the skin like daggers.

Anger and bitterness builds up and people take it out in all forms. Cutting,scratching, disorders, heavy self medication. They do it just to escape their peers’ harsh criticisms. In the end some people find the easiest way to deal with the pain is to end it all. To take their own lives, and it seems the rate of suicide is increasing.

There are so many people here who would take the world off their shoulders if you let them. So many people that would take that bullet for you just so you could live to see how beautiful this world really is and that you are not alone in your struggle. So many have been in the place that you are in and they lived and they are here to help those who are in that dark place. Hold on to every shred or ounce of hope that you have because I promise it will all get better. Maybe not tomorrow or the next day but it will turn from bad to good.

You are worth seeing the future become the present and the present become the past. You will find love and support in the most surprising place. You are beautiful but most of all you are unique and there will only ever be one of you. Just be yourself.

Tokio Hotel- Don’t jump

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