(Life) Road Trip: Detour ‘555 Rut Lane’

Have you ever been in a rut? I have. In fact, I am in one right now, as I compose these thoughts to my audience. I have a desire to write every day, but it is not supported by the same ambition I once had. I am fueled to succeed, but it is not clearly charted by way of defined goals.

Motivation was never a problem. Knowing what had to be done I took the initiative to complete it; admiring that about myself because many people do not possess that quality. They need the dream placed in front of them instead of going out and creating it.

So what to do when you are not the person you once were; passionless? Wishing an answer to that, however I do not, so consider this my open letter to anyone that can relate or wishes to share in my experience to provide insight.

Life is going to pass us by, one day at a time, and one day we will wake up take an assessment of our lives and realize we are not young anymore. We will also realize we have wasted time on irrelevant people, miniscule situations, or material things. We could have laughed more, smiled more, and appreciated someone just a tad more.

As a reflection, I wish I could turn back time, speaking to a more ambitious me, and say Stephanie, things are going to get extremely hard for you, in the not so distant future, but you are strong you can handle it. I do not like the feeling of defeat. That is not God’s design for one’s life. However, it happens.

Since we cannot live our lives in the past, this is where I must somehow dig deep within and assist myself, and hopefully someone else through this writing therapy. Exposing vulnerabilities and questions of an uncertain future can get our engines revving once again towards excellence, as we focus on solutions not the problem.

How long can we stay in a rut? That depends on you. When I look at my accomplishments being a self-published author who has met modest success, served as an inspiration to others, or whatever challenge I tackled at a given point in time, I want to strive to be better than the woman I am competing against. If that is not enough to shift the thought processes, then what will?

At the completion of this article, there will be no mention that I suddenly rejuvenated and a false sense of reality has caused me to have unrivalled aspiration. Nor am I saying that you just suddenly reverse the feelings of negativity that life hands you on an occasion. What I communicate to you is there are choices. You can opt to let your ‘tire’ stay flat, remain on Rut Lane, and never know where your journey leads. On the other hand, you can grab the wheel, find your map, highlighting your destination, and know the ride was well worth the alternate route you sometimes had to take. See you on Success Road.

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