Link: My Favorite Video Game Character

I currently would not consider myself a gamer. Even though I have an interest in current games I don’t have the time or inclination to devote myself to the best of them. I play games but they’re the ones I grew up with, the ones I played in my adolescence. Basically my taste in video games hasn’t evolved, unlike my taste in food or music.

Most of my favorite games that I continue to play were created during the 80’s and early 90’s. These include the super Mario brothers, Tetris and the legend of Zelda. The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The adventures of Link were my two favorite game for the Nintendo game console. I still play these games on a regular basis, usually only a few minutes a day before I do my computer work. I’ve also played “Zelda: a link to the pas”t for super Nintendo but I’ve lost interest in the more recent Zelda games. I admit I play the Zelda games for Nintendo for purely nostalgic reasons.

I would consider the character of Link to be the arch-typical fantasy RPG character. He’s been adapted to other video games, has had his own animated series and was even parodied on the comedy central’s series “drawn together.” CNET voted Link as the second greatest video game character of all time, behind Mario of course.

Casual gamers often confuse Link with Zelda. Link is the main protagonist of the Zelda series while Zelda is the princess link must rescue. Link is an elf with pointy ears and Robin Hood like garb which includes a tunic and a leather cap. He wields a sword but is also known for his accuracy with a boomerang. Curiously he is left handed in every single video game except one.

Link has appeared in many incarnations since his initial appearance in the Legend of Zelda over 20 years ago. Link first appeared as a 3-d character in 1998 in “Ocarina of Time.” He has appeared in games for all the play stations, game cube and the Nintendo Wii system. Link first appears right handed in “Twilight Princess” for the Wii system only to facilitate game play.


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