Lisa Irwin Case-Do Cell Phone Calls Implicate Bradley? Jersey & $300 Shot Down

NBC action news Reporter Russ Placek, should be getting a check from the benefactor who is paying Bill Stanton. Or not. Placek broke the news of finding the 17 year-old teen who supposedly said John Tanko (Jersey), had told him that he was paid $300 to take Lisa Irwin. “I told someone, I was like (expletive), Jersey was the kind of person where you could say here, here’s $300, take care of this baby, and he would have done it.” he said “That’s all I’ve said. I haven’t seen Jersey since weeks before all this happened actually.”

John Picerno broke the news Friday that a 17-year-old girl had came forward to tell him that someone told her this story. Of course, Picerno is on vacation, so he cannot comment. It has probably ruined his vacation; it will take a while for him to come up with some excuse of why his excellent investigator did not find this young man. He will never admit that he did not want this teen found; now this wrecks this claim. The team will have to come up with another plan and another person to blame for this.

When John Picerno excitedly broke the news that the cell phone calls proved his clients not guilty, it was the news of the day, As usual with any statement that the defense team of Deborah Bradley comes up with, at second glance, it does them more harm than good.

Picerno said the FBI told him and Joe Tacopina, the cell phone(s) were never more than 1/3 to 1/5 of a mile from the Irwin home. That would clear Deborah how? She lied about the timeline, so we should believe she was passed out in bed? There was a phone call to Megan Wright’s phone at 11:57 pm on October 3, from Deborah Bradley’s phone. Again, this clears Deborah how? Are we to believe that there is no chance that she knew anyone at that house and even more difficult is how the call got through? Picerno in the same interview said that the phones were cut off and could not call out. So if the phone call got through from the phone that was not working, what was said in those 50 seconds?

From 3:32 am to 3:37 am someone in the same area as the 11:57 pm call, attempted to access Bradley’s voice mail and the internet. How much sense does it make for a stranger to try to access those two things? Why would they want the voice mail, did they think Bradley would leave a voice mail on 911. The only scenario that makes perfect sense is Bradley wanted to check the voice mail and email to see if Jeremy had left a message or emailed her. He worked later than he thought he would, by his own admission. She was concerned that he would come home and discover what had happened. It is not beyond reasoning that he did discover what happened and is covering for Deborah.

There has not been one item that the defense team has grabbed onto that has cleared Deborah, Not one, Why would a stranger take a baby, then walk all over town with it? Further more, why would they take the baby’s clothes off, when it was so cold outside? That would certainly draw more attention than a baby in a blanket, protected from the elements. Why would a stranger take all the chances that were taken in this case? I have written an article that I believe is the only way the kidnapping story would work, taking the facts from Bradley’s defense team.

From stories I have seen lately on this case, more and more people are beginning to see what I saw from the beginning. Something is very wrong in this case. There are too many questions that will not be answered until Deborah Bradley tells the truth. I am very afraid this will be another Casey Anthony scenario; they will not find Lisa until it is too late to determine what happened to her. If the parents believed that Lisa was still alive, they would be talking to anyone that would listen. I believe one or both of them know that Baby Lisa will never come home, at least not alive.

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