Little City Dogs Flea Killer Capsules: A Wonderful Inexpensive Alternative to Capstar

Owning a cat or a dog can be a great experience and very fun although it can be a hassle when it comes to controlling fleas. Fleas usually become really active in the spring and summer months and they can overtake your house, furniture and your pet leaving you feeling helpless. As an owner of two indoor cats, fleas have always been a nuisance in my house even after bathing and spraying both the cats and the house. I recently decided to try a capsule flea killer by Little City Dogs, which is a generic form of the Capstar medicine you can get through the veterinarian. Here is my review of this wonderful product based on my own successful experience.

I have owned indoor cats for many years and no matter what I do I always mange to have a flea problem in the spring and summer months. This year it was not as bad as it has been but it still was driving my cats crazy and was driving me insane as well. I decided to try the Little City Dogs Flea Killer Capsules after moving into a house with my boyfriend, where the owner has two indoor dogs with flea problems as well. So since there were now four pets in the house suffering from flea bites I decided that this product was worth the risk, because it can be given to both cats and dogs so it was like killing two birds with one stone. I bought the Little City Flea Killer Capsules from Amazon for about $13 after shipping. These capsules are the same thing as Capstar and contain 12 milligrams of Nitenpyram in each capsule and you can use it on a pet that ranges from 2 to 25 pounds.

Once I got this product I decided to give one capsule to each animal to see how it worked, although it is safe enough for daily use if needed. I was a little hesitant to give the capsule to my cats because they have only taken pills, but I used my pill popper and got the capsules down without any problems at all. For the dogs, my cousin took a piece of hot dog and placed the capsule inside of it and the dogs were none the wiser, so you can give this pill orally in many different ways including opening it and dispersing it into wet food. The instructions claim the capsule works within a half hour although I did not notice any changes in the behavior of my cats for about an hour. I noticed the cats and dogs were both going crazy licking themselves and scratching like you would not believe, which I took to mean the Nitenpyram was working. The fleas were trying to get away from the Little City Dogs Flea Killer Capsules and it was not doing them any good. People have claimed to see the fleas drop off the animal dead or sluggish but I did not really see any of that occurring, although it might have been in the carpet without me seeing it. The capsules seemed to peak within about three hours and that is when I noticed my cats calming down somewhat and they were tired from licking themselves all night. I was curious whether or not the fleas had actually died and fallen off my cats so I did a test run with the flea comb and found only one flea on my cat that was alive. Usually when I would flea comb my cat I would have about 30 or 40 fleas jumping onto the comb and this time there was only one and the usual flea feces.

One of the best things about this product is that it kills the fleas fast and they seem to either fall off or just disappear into oblivion. I did vacuum the next day because I was not sure where the fleas fell off at and I did not want the sluggish ones to stay alive and somehow multiply. The dogs are a lot happier now and do not seem to be itching near the amount they were when I moved in here, although they still have some fleas. The Little City Dogs Flea Killer Capsules do not kill the baby fleas, so you should still use shampoo or another product in combination with these capsules. I also liked that the medication leaves their system within 24 hours as a neurotoxin to insects, so it does not harm your cat or dog in any way. I have noticed that my cats are much happier now and the dogs also seem to be more comfortable. This product does not kill off all of the fleas but it will definitely help in the fight, especially if your pet has fleas really bad or they have flea bites all over. You get 12 capsules in a pack so you can give one capsule a week or one a day, depending upon how many animals you have and how bad the fleas are. It has been over a week and I still have not given my cats or the dogs any more capsules, I figure once every couple weeks unless I see more fleas developing. I also have not noticed any fleas on the carpet or flea bites on myself so it seems this product really does work wonders. If you are looking for a flea killing product less than half the price of Capstar then Little City Dogs Flea Killer Capsules just might be the best product for you.

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