Little Known Facts About Drake

Here are ten facts you might not know about recording artist Drake:

The first time Drake realized that his music was getting out was when he saw a bootlegger selling his So Far Gone mixtape in New Orleans. He told MTV news, “I remember walking outside the W [hotel], and there was a guy out there selling mixtapes and he had So Far Gone. I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t even mad. You usually think you’ll be mad when there’s a bootlegger, but I was super excited.”

Little known fact: Drake doesn’t understand the retro fashion trend, calling it “wack”.

He told Seventeen that his dream job is to be a King magazine photographer.

Little known fact: His favorite fast food is McDonald’s.

Defining crowd moment: “That first night of the I Am Music tour was just overwhelming. There were 13,000 people in the audience and I had never done anything like that in my life.”

Drake’s uncle played bass for Prince.

Drake idolizes K-OS. According to K-OS’ official website, K-OS is a “genuine neo-crossover rap n’ roller who’s music, much like your Ipod, might speak to hipster club kidz, pop chart gazers, Canadian indie rockers, dirty south electronic rap renegades, or reggae rude boys simultaneously.”

When Lil Wayne spit one of Drake’s verses at the VMAs, Drake wasn’t there to actually see the moment. He was stuck outside the VMAs because he’d been given the wrong pass. He calls that his “Hilary Swank moment.”

Little known fact: In the PC vs. Mac wars, Drake is a Mac.

Drake’s parents divorced when he was five years old. Afterward, he lived with his mom in Toronto, Canada and would visit his dad in Memphis, TN.

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