Local Music Stores Keep Your Headphones Happy

Sometimes you just don’t feel like paying those high prices at FYE or hoping that the music section at Best Buy hasn’t been taken out of the store completely. In Park Slope there are two great music stores that are a walking distance from my house and have just what I want.

On Fifth avenue and 9th Street there is a small hole in the wall shop called Fifth Avenue Record & Tape. Outside the store are crates full of Vinyls and a table full of VHS tapes all at a reasonable price. Inside the store is a bit cramped but the place is a gold mine for those vinyl lovers out there. The store doesn’t carry much current music but they have a small CD display. They mainly have Cassettes and Records and a mix of other media formats. I love coming here because the guys that run it are really nice and they have almost any artist you can think of. The prices of the records and cassettes vary but are not at all unreasonable. Definitely a place that shouldn’t be passed over by it’s appearance alone.

Music Matters on 7th avenue is the music store that I go to for more current CDs and music DVDs. The selection of music here goes all across the genres and the prices are decent for being an independently owned music store. The guy who runs the store is really nice and extremely helpful with finding CDs and even ordering them for you if they don’t have it in the store.

It’s always good to have a local store to go to in the neighborhood you live in. “Damn the man, save the Empire.”

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