Look Within Promo Airs on Raw

On the December 5th, episode of Monday Night Raw a video was played during a promo for ‘Pin Up Strong’. The video was the third promo for a returning WWE Superstar. This was the first promo to air during Raw, the previous two promos ‘It begins.’ and ‘Second.’ were played on Youtube. The ‘Look within.’ promo can also be seen on Youtube by clicking HERE.

The video starts by showing an empty field with a ball, it cuts to a boy sitting alone in a classroom. the boy is at his desk writing with a permanent marker. He begins to write and narrate the following passage:

“Behold the power will come with vengeance to render his anger with furry. The deception the weak have perpetrate will be castigated. The second day of 2012, the prophet will emerge
and destroy the weak. It will be the end of the world as you know it.”

During his narration a girl is shown in the classroom skipping behind him and playing with
a ball. The video cuts back and forth between the classroom and a swing set. When it cuts
back to the classroom the boy and the girl are shown in different places around the room.
The video ends by fading to a black screen and reading ‘Look within.’

A lot of names have been floating around since the “Look within.” promo aired on Raw. Some
of those names include The Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho, and Shane McMahon. Those same
names were floating around after the “It begins.” and “Second.” promo aired on Youtube. The
“Look within.” promo has not brought any new names out but it has brought some new theories.

The Undertaker:

The Undertaker was my choice since the “It begins.” promos began airing on Youtube. The “Look within.” promo has not caused me to change my mind. The reasons for me choosing The Undertaker as the familiar force returning on the second day of 2012 can be seen in my first article ” It Begins: Promo One “. The girl in the video could be his wife, former WWE Diva Michelle McCool. Even if McCool is not returning The Undertaker will be returning on the second day of 2012.


A lot of members of the WWE Universe have ruled Kane out because he had two separate promos air during Raw. On the December 5 th episode of Raw, a third promo aired for Kane; However, none of the promos confirmed when Kane was returning. This makes it very likely that Kane will be one of the Superstars returning on the second day of 2012.

Chris Jericho:

Some members of the WWE Universe are sticking with the ‘Y2J’ theory. By taking the ‘Y’ from Youtube, the ‘2’ from the 2 nd day, and the ‘J’ from January gives you ‘Y2J’. As I pointed out before this is not a good way to determine what Superstar will be returning. Anyone could sit there and put together the letters from ‘Youtube’ and ‘January’ to try and spell out a Superstars name. A new theory has been floating around that its Jericho because he was a prophet. Unfortunately, Jericho was not a prophet. Elisha was the prophet and Jericho was the city. Besides that Jericho has tweeted that he is not involved with the promos that have been airing on Raw. This could have been done by Jericho to push some of the attention off him but I never thought it was him in the first place. For those reasons Jericho will not be the familiar force returning on the second day of 2012.

What does “Look within.” mean?

“Look within.” could be a number of different things. It could mean “Look within.” the promos, “Look within.” Raw, or “Look within.” the WWE. If we “Look within.” the WWE we can rule out Chris Jericho. He is not currently listed on the WWE roster; However, The Undertaker, Kane, and Brodus Clay are.

Clay’s name was floating around after the “It begins.” promo aired because of his finishing maneuver “The Fall Of Humanity’. Clay was not talked about since the “It begins.” promo aired, until recently reading a story about the WWE Creative Team stealing Clay’s idea. Upon Clay’s return, the WWE Creative Team did not have any plans for him. Clay took it upon himself to come up with his own plan, the ‘House Of Pain’, sound familiar? That’s because Mark Henry currently has the ‘Hall Of Pain’. In the “It begins.” promo it talked about a force coming to claim what his rightful his. Clay could be returning to claim his idea. Clay originally had promos promoting his return. Those videos stopped airing, shortly after the “It begins.” promos began to air. In Clay’s final return promo he stated he was “The Fall Of Humanity”, “The Beginning”, and “The End”. “It begins.” could be the beginning for Clay. “Second.” could be the place he came in on NXT. “Look within.” could mean “Look within.” his previous promos. Does this theory provide enough information that Brodus Clay will be the force returning on the second day of 2012 or will it be another Superstar? Maybe Raw will air a fourth promo to help the WWE Universe clear things up.

Previous Promos:

It begins.


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