Looking for a Grocery Store in Vinegar/Clinton Hill?

If you live in Vinegar Hill/Clinton Hill near the Brooklyn Navy Yard, some would argue that limited conveniences are your compromise. It’s a hike to the subway, yet rents are cheaper. There are some hip, cool restaurants, but limited. The biggest challenge…no grocery stores. Fact or Fiction?

I’m pleased to say that it’s fiction. Cheapeats was recently invited to the launch of the Michael Allen Bakery at Fresh Fanatic Organic Market. Located on the corner of Park Avenue & Washington Avenue, this newest venture is the answer to the resident’s prayers.

The party was held out Body By Brookyn Spa. Mmmhh, Champagne, a Spa and Dessert…..sounds like the perfect evening to me. So I hopped on the train and let the adventure begin.

Chef Michael Allen grew up in the bakery business. His Father was a baker which led him to his career as Pastry Chef at Bice and the United Nations. But now, he is offering his tasty delights to the public as well as wholesale, catering and special occasion cakes.

Upon entering the venue, I grabbed a glass of bubbly, sat by the cozy fire and awaited the fashion show of desserts. Soon trays were being passed around of sinfully delicious treats. There were so many to choose from, I’m highlighting some of my faves.

Brazilian Cheese Bread – Pillowy rolls that were crunchy on the outside, light and fluffy on the side and filled with cheese. The hidden secret….GLUTEN FREE.

Financiers – Little tea cakes made with ground almonds and a touch of flour.

The French class Madeleines that are light, buttery with a hint of citrus.

Kouign Aman – Very similar to a croissant but filled with chocolate or almonds and caramelized on the top.

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Put away the Chips Ahoy, these are the REAL deal. They’re like a cake and cookie in one. Oooey, gooey with a truffle center. If you’re a chocoholic, you will LOVE these.

Apple Pie – This is like an Apple Pie and Steudel in one. Flaky crust and filled with fresh apples. But what is that flavor in the background?

Spinach & Onion Quiche – Creamy, velvety and considerably light while also being rich.

Other treats you can find in the bakery are croissants, cupcakes, flourless chocolate cake, canele, macaroons, tarts, creme brulee, truffles, brownies, vegan peanut butter bars, assorted cakes & pies and the most delicious sorbet & gelato outside of Italy. (I highly recommend the Blood Orange sorbet)

I want to thank Janine Just from the Blaq Group, Karma Martell from Karmacom, Chef Michael Allen and Fresh Fanatic for a delicious evening. I got to try some sinful delights, received a 20% off card to Fresh Fanatic and free face serum and body scrub from the Spa for checking in on Foursquare. What more could a girl ask for?

Happiness. $25 and under.

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