Lovin’ Summer

Summertime is so beautiful,
everything is alive and in bloom.
The days long and hot, the nights nice and cool,
as the sun chases down the moon.

Traffic and tourists take over our town,
all kids are thrilled to be out of school.
I’m ever so grateful for having central air,
though I truly wish we had a pool!

Floating down rivers in tubes,
or gliding along in canoes.
Laughing and splashing and swinging from ropes,
and drinking whatever we choose!

Planting gardens full of delight,
with flowers, herbs and veggies,
I water and weed and kill lots of bugs,
and watch my son play in the trees.

I adore road trips with my family,
as we travel the gorgeous terrain.
We jot down all the license plates we see,
from tree-covered mountains to beauteous plains.

Carnivals and fairs are always a riot,
food, games and rides galore.
Interesting people from everywhere,
year by year, we go back for more!

Summer is over before you can blink,
we made memories we’ll surely recall.
Leaves start to change colors and float to the ground,
as we enter the glorious Fall!

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