Lowe’s Acted in Fear when Pulling Its Ads from ‘All-American Muslim’

COMMENTARY | Headlines were rocked earlier this week when it was announced that home improvement giant Lowe’s was pulling its advertisements from TLC’s new show “All-American Muslim.” The TLC show aims to prove that Muslim-Americans are not that different from any other American culture. Lowe’s pulling its ads from the show has angered many and sent a very different message to Americans. Here is a look at one American’s view on the show “All American Muslim” and Lowe’s choice to pull the plug on their advertisements.

A Viewer’s Thoughts on “All-American Muslim”

I tuned into “All-American Muslim” about a week ago because I am a fan of TLC’s other shows. “All-American Muslim” shows Muslim-American families at home, at work and out with their families. It is similar to any other TLC reality show, except for the fact that all the participants are Muslim. As a Christian, I was not offended by the show at all. I thought TLC did a great job putting together a show that would strip away stereotypes.

Lowe’s Actions

I believe that Lowe’s gave into fear. On Lowe’s Facebook page, it apologized to the masses, and claimed that they removed their ads because of the show being such a hot topic of debate. What is there to debate? Muslim-Americans are people who deserve to live how they choose, just like any other religious group. As Americans, as long as we are law-abiding, then we cannot tell each other how to live. Lowe’s succumbed to the disgusting prejudices of others.

Regardless of Lowe’s actions, I will continue to watch the show. As a Christian, I was not at all offended by the show. The people in the show do not speak badly of other cultures or religions, they just want to be respected by other Americans and be allowed to live their life how they see fit.

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