LSU Football: A Fan’s Experience

As I arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I could feel the LSU spirit in the air. I saw the bumper stickers, flags,and billboards supporting L.S.U Tigers. If you were not a fan by the time you arrived on campus by then you would still have gained much respect from the people of the city who all come together to show admiration for on of the most successful football programs in the Nation. This was my first time attending an L.S.U. game and I wanted it to be special. So, I prepared well I arrive early to enjoy the tailgating, I had so of the best Cajun jambalaya thanks to one of the several hundred local vendors outside of the stadium.

There also was plenty of live entertainment before the game whether it was all provided by the L.S.U. staff or it was your local Disc Jockeys spinning tracks for everyone to enjoy. I myself even had to stop and dance a few times. As I continued to walk I stopped and looked and I could see the legendary Skip Bertman graze through the crowd. If you know anything about sports in general you know who Skip Bertman is he by far is one of the most prolific figures in L.S.U. history. He took the Tigers to 5 NCAA titles in baseball during his 18 year coaching career which started in 1984 and ended in 2001. This was truly the highest moment of my evening.

After I was able to gather myself, the LS.U. band made its way down through the campus on there way to the stadium and you can here the crowds roar. At this point there is little doubt in my mind that the opposing team the Division 1 AA Northwestern State Demons were in for big trouble. By the time I entered the stadium; I was filled with L.S.U. spirit. As I watched the team take the field, you see the passion that the fans have for their team they chant relentlessly and it did not take the L.U.S. Tigers show the fans how much they appreciated them by torching the Demons and beating them by a score of 49-3. I must say as a spectator I felt the passion, the tradition, and also the pride that each one of the fans have. Tiger Stadium is by far the best place to be on a Saturday night. Geaux Tigers

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