Lucky Clovers

Walking along the forest,

Looking up,

Looking down,

Feeling the coolness,

As the shade gives me comfort,

As I walk with you,

Side by side,

Looking around,

Letting the peace come,

As we stand together,

One upon one,

We look upon the ground,

Seeing the clovers,

On the base of the trees,

You pick one up,

And hand it to me,

You say make it wish,

Let your heart sing,

And I look at the lucky clover,

Smile back at you,

Hand it back,

And tell you,

I do not need any wishes my darling,

My wish came true,

When God brought you to me,

And set my heart free,

When peace finally came,

And I was able to fully let go,

Of all of the past,

When I was able to feel safe,





And everything in between,

Of wonderful emotions that lie inside of me,

You smiled at me,

Let the clover fall,

You put your arms around me,

And hold me close,

Hold me to your heart,

And we walk along,

Along that forest,

And leave the lucky clovers behind.

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