Luggage Night Stand

Hey, if you have certain things in your home why not use them to make things you need. A coffee tin can be decorated to make a utensil holder; a tall wicker basket can be turned upside-down, and made into an end table. You’ll be surprised at just how many things you have that could be easily turned into decorator items, and useful furnishings. Take those old suitcases in the basement. Yes, they became a little too old and embarrassing to carry around on trips, but that doesn’t mean they are no longer worth anything. In fact, it only takes a couple of minutes to turn them into the most adorable and charming night stand for a bedroom.

When you use old luggage to make a night stand, you end up with a useful bedside table, as well as a place to store clothing or other things. All you have to do is stack up the suitcases and your night stand is finished.

There are various looks you can create when building a night stand with luggage. One look is achieved by stacking suitcases that are all the same size and design. You’ll have a completely different night stand when you stack suitcases that don’t match, and are various sizes. Stack the largest on the bottom, then the next largest, and so on, until the night stand is as tall as you want it to be.

When you fill the suitcases with off-season clothing, outgrown children’s outfits, and other things, you can easily retrieve them by disassembling the easy-to-put-back-together night stand. To make it even more simple, though, you can cut a piece of wood to go on top of the smallest suitcase. That way, when you need to retrieve something from one of the luggage pieces, you can simply lift the wood to move a small lamp, vase of flowers, book, or other things you might have on the night stand. Or, just set a serving tray or platter on top of the suitcases and move it when necessary.

The luggage night stand really does look fabulous in a bedroom designed with a country-charm theme. But it also makes a nice end table for the living room or den. Since you’re no longer using those suitcases there’s no reason not to build the night stand or table. People who see it will definitely comment on how quaint and adorable it is.

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