Maa Sharda Temple a Religious Place of Maihar (M.P.)

The religious place in India, which no-one want to miss, is Mata Sharda Temple. This is one of the renowned place where each and every person come and get the blessing of Goddess Sharda. Any person whether he/she is Indian (by birth), or not or he/she is living in any part of the world (when come to India), don’t want to miss the chance to visits Sharda Mandir (well known as Maihar Devi) and get blessed by Goddess Sharda for whole of their life. As many who don’t know about this place, I want to tell them this mandir (or temple) is located in Maihar , Distt. Satna(M.P.). Let me tell you more about this religious place which has a special place in my heart, I will tell you why but for now I will tell you about Sharda Mandir.

Maa Sharda temple is situated at Trikut parvat (Trikut Mountain) (त्रिकुट पर्वत).

It is about 5-8 km from Maihar Station.

Name of Temple

This temple is commonly known as Sharda Devi, and people living there (means localised) use to call this temple as Maihar Devi or Maa Sharda Mandir or Maihar Mata Mandir or Maihar Devi Mandir or Maihar ki Sharda Mata. I must say their is endless way by which Devotees call their Goddess (or Gods of India).

Location (or Place where it is located)

The Sharda Devi Mandir is located in Maihar, District- Satna (Madhya Pradesh), India. In General, This temple is located in the Central India and the state is called as Madhya Pradesh. As you all know there are many districts in Madhya Pradesh but the one which is very famous is Satna District, this is more famous due to the Maa Sharda Mandir because it is situated in Maihar which comes under Satna District. As many people don’t know the story behind naming the place as Maihar. Don’t worry I will tell you next.

Why Place Named Maihar?

There is a very famous story behind this that why the place is named as Maihar and not anything else….The story (or I will say a True Belief) of people living their and in surrounding. The story is- “Once upon a time in earlier periods of God and Goddess when Goddess Maa Durga (दुर्गा) ji was travelling with her husband God Shiv (शिव) ji, her Necklaces (in Hindi we call it Haar and it is written as हार) was fallen down at this place and after that this place is known as Maihar (and in Hindi it is written as मैहर).” After this instance Goddess Maa Sharda (शारदा) said to her husband that this will become one of most religious place in coming future which is now and you all will amazed to know that Goddess Maa Sharda (शारदा) is one of nine swarup of Maa Durga. Goddess is also well-known as Goddess of Knowledge.

Their Is One Worship Goddess Maa Sharda before YOU. Who?

Yes!!!! This is true that there is someone who Worship (पूजा) Maa Sharda before You and His name is Allah, the greatest and true devotee of Maa Sharda. As old people said that “Allah had done Tenacity (तप) for 12-14 years and get Blessed (आशीर्वाद) by Goddess Maa Sharda that in Kalyug you will always be the first person who will get the chance to Worship (पूजा) me and no-one will be allowed to do this job before you.” And from that time till now Allah is the one who worship Maa Sharda Daily and if someone by mistake watch this event then he/she will die on the spot. This is the belief of people and even happened to some so I always advice you that if you ever visit this religious place please do worship between the local time mentioned in schedule there and also don’t give or take bribe there.

Timing For Worship

I must say if you are true Devotee (भक्त) of Maa Sharda then you can worship 24 hours in a day and I promise you that no-one will going to stop you. But when official timing of temple comes then it is from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Which is the right time to visit temple?

I will advice you to visit whenever you feel to visit because it is religious place and it is open all 365 days in a year. When I talk about religious month then it will be the month when Navaratri comes. Navaratri comes twice in a year and it is for nine days.

Some Images of Temple

The images title provided below are of me and my friends visits. These are only provided here to give you all a brief idea of place and location and make you a short trip to temple from your home.
Please check for images with is article or visit this articles image supporting page at supporting link : http:// or visit supporting sites mentioned in this article and search for “maa sharda images” post.

Image1: When You approach towards Devi Darshan

Image2: When you were on entrance to get darshan

Image3: Devi Darshan of Maa Sharda JAI MATA DI !!!!

Image4: Leaving after Devi Darshan

I am providing two more pictures below you all must see.

Image5: This is view from Temple at the top to the bottom road

Image6: Trikut Pahad where Maa Sharda Temple is situated

Why this place is Nearer to my heart?

I was resident of maihar for more than 18 years and during that period I used to visit twice in a year to mandir with my family.

I hope this all information will help you all and you all will also start moving toward mandir atleast once a year with your family and don’t take anything from stranger there.

Happy Journey!!!!


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