Magic Reality Show

Everybody was long gone from the theater except the janitor. His eyes adjusted to the darkened stage. While sweeping, his broom hit something: a cardboard box he had not seen before. In the muffled silence he bent down and pulled out a white face mask.

Uneasy silence grew while the mask seemed to glow brightly. It must be one of those glow-in-the-dark masks. He turned the mask around and looked through its eye holes at a distance. He felt an invitingly sweet buzzing in his brain as he rubbed the mask with his fingers. He decided to put it on.

The prop drew Mark into a new dimension. The darkened stage area slowly turned bright white. He cautiously moved his head stage left which grew to be a completely white stage: the stage floor was now pure white, as were the curtains and all else he saw.

He walked around on stage. His gray janitorial clothes were now baby white. In fear, he tore the mask off and with it, the theatre stage reverted to its primordial black. He walked back to the cardboard box, putting the mask back inside while pulling out a dark magician’s wand. Could it really do magic? He waved it around and watched a faint yellow trail appear. Mark put the cane back in the box.

The janitor touched his nametag: Mark. That’s who and what he was. It created his reality of cleaning at night. Nurses and doctors wore costumes of scrubs to help heal people. Soldiers wore helmets, guns and props as actors in an exciting battle scene. He thought to himself and chuckled, yes, all the world’s a stage; but somebody’s got to clean it up for the next performance while the actors sleep.

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