Maintaining Fitness at Age 62

I taught Physical Education for 33 years. I currently supervise Physical Education student teachers in the field. So I know the value of maintaining a fitness level. This article explains my fitness routine.

In order to maintain a fitness level, an individual has to be motivated. I love playing with my grandsons. To keep them and myself happy, I work out to enjoy my time with them. Other motivational reasons for people could be weight loss, diabetic control, better over all health, longevity and just enjoying life. It is important to be motivated. It is what keeps you from getting complacent. My fitness goal is do something everyday that benefits my body.

My age plays an important factor in my fitness routine. At the age of 62, it is important to concentrate on three specific areas. Those areas are strength, flexibility and cardiovascular. I believe that as you get older you need to adjust your fitness goals to fit your needs. These are the three areas that I try and focus on for my age.

Fitness Areas
Strength; I don’t believe in bulky muscles. I use a small set of weights (dumbbells) and do many repetitions. Regular exercises like sit-ups, push-ups and squat thrusts also help. Isometric and Isotonic exercises can also build strength. Note: I don’t over do it. I do just enough to maintain what I need.

Flexibility; As you get older, flexibility is probably the most important area to work on. Flexibility correlates to good body balance. Good balance prevents falls. Three times a week, I do various stretching exercises. I also do some moderate yoga. I probably do more of this than any other form of exercise.

Cardiovascular; This is easy to do. In bad weather, I walk indoors. In good weather, I bike. Biking is great, because I take my grandsons with me. In both cases, I have a route that I follow. I walk a minimum of one mile. I bike a minimum of three miles. I always try to find some hills to attack. Hills is like climbing stairs. You are forced to use the larger muscles in your body. This tends to work your heart and cardiovascular system more.

You can’t beat good cold clean water. Three days a week, I will only drink water. On those days, no tea, coffee or soft drinks. It is an excellent way to detoxify your body.

Diet and Sleep
With any fitness program, these two are very important. Good food and plenty of rest keep you vitalized for wanting to work out.

This is what I do for a personal fitness routine. It is what works for me.

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