Make a Ruffled Heart Lap Quilt for Valentine’s Day

Do you want to make your sweetheart feel loved and warm this Valentine’s Day? Why not make them a ruffled heart lap quilt to snuggle under while watching their favorite television program. The two of you could even use it to cuddle under while enjoying some togetherness. Different sized hearts, surrounded by lace on a multi-pink colored background are sure to say, “I love you,” in a special way. This relatively simple project requires beginner-sewing skills and basic quilting knowledge.

Items needed:

48 assorted seven-inch pink fabric squares (6 across and 8 down)

One-half yard of bright pink fabric

Quilt batting (45 inches by 60 inches)

Quilt backing (45 inches by 60 inches)

Several large, medium and small size heart templates (I used 6, 3 and 2-inch size)

Sewing machine

Eyelet lace (length needed depends on number of hearts) or other type of lace



Fusible webbing (enough for hearts)


Approximately six yards of quilt binding (optional)

Note: Quilt will be approximately 40-inches by 54-inches.

Putting it together:

Sew six pink fabric squares together in a random order to make one row. You should end up with eight rows. Sew the rows together to form one piece of fabric, making sure seams align vertically. This is the quilt top.

Iron the fusible webbing to the back of the one-half yard of bright pink fabric according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Using the heart templates, trace around the hearts on the paper side and then cut them out. Peel off the paper backing, position the cloth hearts the quilt top, and iron in place.

Pin eyelet lace completely around outer edge of hearts. Be sure to have the right side of the eyelet lace facing up. Fold or crease the lace at the points on the hearts so lace will lay flat. Cut off lace leaving one-fourth inch on end and tuck this under to hide the raw edge. Sew lace in place.

Layer the quilt top, quilt batting and quilt backing together in this order. The right sides of the quilt top and quilt backing should be facing out. Using many pins, pin all three layers together. Hand or machine-quilt the layers together.

After the quilt has been quilted, pin the quilt binding all the way around the outer edge and stitch in place. If you are not using quilt binding, fold the quilt backing, batting and quilt top one-half inch to the inside, all the way around the outer edge, and pin in place. Stitch one-fourth inch from outer edge to close opening.

Remove all pins and your ruffled heart lap quilt is now ready for you special Valentine.

Source: Personal Experience

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