Make the Most Out of the Biggest Storage Area in Your Home – – Your Garage

Typically, in most homes the garage is the largest room in the entire house. Therefore, it offers the perfect place for storing a variety of items in addition to your vehicle. By utilizing certain storage tools, you can create a storage system for your garage that will keep your things neat and orderly.

Essential storage equipment for your garage

Clear plastic bins – Clear plastic bins store a variety of items from Christmas decorations to brushes and rags for washing the car. You can easily see the contents through the clear bins and they are easy to label and store. Purchase a variety of sizes and shapes but first measure your racks to ensure the bins will fit neatly onto the racks (or under them as the case may be).

Wall-mounted rails – Wall-mounted rails are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes which makes them perfect for holding large or oddly shaped items. Purchase rails with S-hooks that slide to accommodate the size of each item you are hanging. This is perfect for storing brooms, mops, rakes and electric cords. My husband even used these to hang our bicycles on the wall to keep them out of the way when not in use.

Wall-mounted towel dispenser – Every garage should have one of these for quick cleanups. Ours also has a top shelf that is perfect for hand cleaners and brushes. Stock it with heavy-duty garage towels for tough cleanup jobs.

Small clear canisters – These small canisters will store screws, nails, bolts, nuts, tinker toys and buttons – – anything small you need to store will be right at your fingertips. Glass versions are easier to see through; however, plastic is safer because of the risk of breaking the glass.

Pegboards – Pegboards are great for storing small hand tools and keeping them within easy reach. The ability to hang hooks at different heights and widths offers you the ability to store just about anything on the wall. This saves precious floor and drawer space in your garage.

Drawers or bins – If your workspace has built in drawers and cabinets, count yourself fortunate. However, if you must create them yourself then consider purchasing stackable steel bins to store items under a workbench. Build shelves under the workbench and then slide the bins onto the shelves for quick drawers.

Divide and conquer – If you will be using your garage for several activities (gardening, crafting, workshop, etc.), then divide the area into sections to keep everything organized by category.

· Gardening center – Add a small potting table, adjustable shelving on the wall and a rolling storage bin to customize this area. · Sports and kids – A bench with storage inside is perfect for holding sports equipment and providing seating for changing shoes. A coat rack on the wall holds a variety of jackets, hats and hanging equipment. Stackable storage bins labeled by activity keeps sports equipment organized and in one place. · Workshop – Whether you are working with wood, electronics or engines, keeping this area clean and neat is a challenge. Add slatted wall panels to this area to hang wall baskets for holding items that do not easily fit into a drawer or hang on the wall. A high shelf above can hold equipment that is not often used. A rolling steel tool chest is perfect for keeping tools organized. Customize this area to your specific activity. For example, my husband works with wood and uses a variety of drill bits. He affixed two rows of magnetic tape to the front of his workbench to hold the bits in place so they are within each reach when he needs to change them out.

The most important thing to remember about organizing your garage and adding smart storage options is to make it easy to keep organized and to make it functional for your needs.

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