Make Your Own Mini Muffin Tins

Don’t you hate it when you’re reading a recipe, thinking of making it, and you then realize that you don’t have everything you need to create it? Many of us just forget the recipe, and move on to another one, but some people go ahead and run to the store to get what they need. I’m in the first group; I’ll generally just move on to a different recipe if I don’t have everything I need. But sometimes, I just replace what I don’t have with something I do have. You can do that, too. For instance, if the recipe calls for mini muffin tins, and all you have is regular muffin pans, you don’t have to go to the store. You can easily make mini muffin tins to use now.

It’s not at all challenging to mold new, mini muffin tins when you use aluminum foil. And, after you make the new muffin tins, you can use them over again, or just throw them away. All you’ll need is the foil, a pair of scissors, and a mold for the muffin tins. The mold can be any number of things from around your house. Some molds you could use include a medicine bottle, a small, disposable cup, or a bath and body product bottle.

Lay out a piece of foil and begin cutting it into circles. The size of the circles will depend on how large, in diameter, you want the muffins to be. So, if you want 2″ muffins, cut circles that are 4″ in diameter. It can be helpful to choose a glass or other round object, and draw around it to make the circle images. Cut a dozen circles, or a different amount, depending on how many mini muffins you’ll need.

Set the chosen mold on a table and lay the foil over the top of it. Mold the foil around the top of the object to make the initial shape of the muffin tin. Remove the foil from the object and fold the edges down to make it much neater. The small cup shapes should have flat bottoms but can have straight or flared sides.

Use a cookie sheet to bake the mini muffins. The foil tins are much easier to slide in and out of the oven when they’re sitting on a cookie sheet. Treat the foil muffin tins just like any other, spraying with non-stick cooking spray, then washing them out to use again. Or, just throw the tins away when you’re finished with them. When you use aluminum foil, you’ll always have mini muffin tins, so go ahead and choose any recipe you want.

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